Canadian Riders to Tokyo

Team hasn’t been announced yet, but the Slezaks just posted Karl isnt going to Tokyo.

Major disappointment there from me. I was soooo rooting for Karl and his team.

Patiently awaiting the rest of the news!

Any bets on who IS going?

My guess is CL and JP.

I really hope they dont sent Pavarotti, he’s older and not the horse I would send on that journey to event in that climate. I wouldn’t see that as the best interest in the horse.

Disappointing for that group, but the decision makes sense to me. They’ve been eliminated on cross country at 50% of their runs this year and they had a 20 at the Pan Ams (not to mention the fact that they haven’t yet completed a 5*). To me, that reads as a combination that is still learning to cope with pressure (pressure of a senior team championship, pressure of a 5*, pressure of trying to get selected, etc). A great way to really fry them is to send them into one of the highest pressure environments on the planet, and that would be a huge shame. The horse is still young - I think saving them for another day and letting them mature into something more pressure-proof is the right call.

I agree that the Canadians are likely to send CL and JP. Colleen is an easy call in terms of horse (Qorry), but Jessica is more interesting. On the one hand, I agree that sending Pavarotti might be too much at this stage. On the other hand, Canada has no team, and all the team riders will be under stricter orders than ever to complete, clear, since they don’t have a drop score. This will leave a huge opportunity for individual riders who can just go for it, and Pavarotti is pretty much the only Canadian horse who can “go for it” in a worthwhile way. If the rider thinks it’s appropriate, I wouldn’t mind seeing them send him, with the instruction to go for it if she can and pull up if she can’t. Why not? No big risk (since she can just pull up or even not start if he doesn’t handle the travel well, but he’s experienced enough that shouldn’t be an issue), potential reward, and they’ve got nothing left to prove.


as much as I would like to see Pavarotti enjoying his well earned retirement, I agree 100% with what you said.


I disagree with this. I think Colleens horse has a better chance at a good result. Just because he always has a lot of time faults, and in the heat and a twisty fast course I can’t see him coming even close to the time.

Biggest concern is hes 19, and not very blood bred. So its a very very hard trip on an older horse, in intense heat and conditions. That is really my concern, not that he wouldn’t put a good round in. Judging off what the Olympic vet said in the Eventing Podcast, its going to be a brutal journey, and an even more brutal competition. I just don’t want to see a horse have the very last of his career squeezed out of him over this.

But that being said I’m of course just an outsider. Hopefully if he does go they surely know what they are doing and all will be fine!

JP has done a tremendous job of protecting Pavarotti given his tendon issues (which were exposed when she filed that lawsuit after she was initially excluded from the last Olympics). I really respect that she’s kept him sound-ish, but she literally can’t go for time on that horse. Bogue’s show jumping isn’t great. I’m not sure why Jollybo isn’t in contention - she generally completes XC and her show jumping is respectable. Does anyone know if Foxwood High is officially retired? I so wish he was going.

I believe that Selena has said that Woody is retired, and with his owners at their farm, enjoying life :slight_smile:


I had also hoped Hawley would have been in contention but I think their show jumping has been holding them off better results and therefore selection. (Having said that, I also do not really put a lot of faith in the selection process, given the cluster#$%^ that affected/involved Clayton Fredericks, the Bernhards, Shandiss McDonald, Kathryn Robinson, Jessica Phoenix…)


Deleted - wrong

Yes, Kyle Carter has some interesting comments re: selection on his FB.

Where are those comments? I’d like to read them. Thanks :slight_smile:

Not that I’m aware of. She finished 14th at Jersey Fresh 4*-L behind Karl Slezak and Colleen Loach on 2 horses.


Yeah you’re right, not sure why I thought that now looking at her SM doesnt seem the case.

@brindille they are on his personal Facebook page;

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Are Mike Winter and El Mundo eligible? I know they have completed several 4* in the UK but not sure if they are actually qualified or have declared interest.

And can we also talk about Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me? That horse has never had an XC penalty

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While this is not true, he has been very consistent XC for years. Unfortunately, I had hoped to see them going faster so as not to get time faults which are pulling them down the placings instead of XC bringing them up. The Canadians don’t need a “sure clear XC” in Tokyo as we are not sending a team, so they were looking for horses that have a chance of better placings.


I love them both, he seems like a heavier type that might not suit Tokyo, but I could be wrong.

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Ah…makes sense! And it’s true I was speaking off the cuff when I said he had no XC penalties…

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Hawley and Jollybo are not in contention? I love that duo, although bummed they withdrew from LRK3DE

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Well…we called it! I hope they kick butt and we end up qualified to send a team next time around.


Alright Team Canada - let’s do this :muscle:t3: :canada: