Canadian Tack stores for Used saddles/good advice?

Having a heck of a time saddle shopping. Hard to even find tack stores to contact though…google is letting me down! Surely there are a few good tack stores that take saddles on consignment that I am just not finding? Other than Tack Collector in Calgary, any other good places outside of Edmonton I should contact?

Bakers, Sprucewood, Bahrs, Calgary Saddlery are my first thoughts!


As an aside, why can’t saddle consignment stores put details such as saddle width in the thumb nails or filters…so frustrating.


Try Donna Bassett at Precision saddle fitting. Fantastic quality saddles, wool flocked, and the ex-demos are usually cheaper than what the same model is listed for at the tack collector. I’ve bought five saddles from her over the years and have been delighted with each one.

It’s been awhile since I lived in Edmonton, but I recall the Tudor Tack Shoppe having a good reputation.

Also, have you contacted any of the Alberta saddle reps? I got a used Antares from the CWD rep when someone traded it in to get a custom saddle.

The Forward Horse, Highland Tack (BC) and I believe Commonwealth (Calgary) also have used saddles.

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I have heard good things about Donna, but I have also heard you have to be prepared to spend the big bucks. A client got a lovely custom from her a while back! I am not prepared to spend the big bucks on this dude just yet.

@GoodTimes Tudor only has one wide tree saddle in stock unfortunately…and not something I would be interested in. I have bought three saddles from them in the last 2 years though, and Jessica seems knowledgeable.

I may contact Karen Wong, although nothing she has currently in stock seems suitable for him, that’s why I am looking further away.

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Highland has some nice consignment saddles! I sent them a PM. Thanks for the recommendation as I had never heard of them before.

All my saddles have been between 2-3k :slightly_smiling_face: but I suppose it depends on your definition of big bucks. You can always tell her your budget and see if she has anything; she’s always been very good about sticking to my budget without pressuring to go higher :slightly_smiling_face:

I just sent her an email. I have emails/inquiries out to 6 places and waiting to hear back. $2-3 is my hopeful budget.

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Karen was able to get a wide tree for my guy he is a +2.5 in Equipe. She also has a range called Ideal that fits wider horses the twist was too much for me though.

I have sent six or seven saddle inquiries to tack stores (Monday) (emails and one facebook message) and only one sort of reply for more information. I guess I need to be more patient, but I thought I would hear back in some manner in 24 hours.

Four Winds Saddle Services out of Grande Prairie carries a lot of used saddles. She comes down south quite often.

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Thanks @uncanny580 it looks like she is scheduled to be my way next week! I will send her a message.

So far ZERO replies from the other saddle fitters or shops other than automated responses. A bit disappointed. I have ordered a back riser to help me be able to keep riding without killing my back. maybe that will prove to be enough.

Try One Click Tack

Thanks @Wrenwood_Farm but the “All Sales final” part scares me.


Thanks @uncanny580 the Tack Collector and Four Winds are the ONLY ones who responded with an actual option (unfortunately the one Four Winds has is on trial right now, so I am waiting to hear back - I am not as sure of the Tack Collectors option). A couple others responded for more information, but then nothing. No responses from Ontario. Shocked by the poor customer service at a time when we are doing so much on-line. Even a “Thank you for your inquiry, but we don’t have anything suitable for you”.