Canadian TV coverage

I know that CBC is supposed to cover the Olympics but does that include the equestrian events? Anyone have any information on what will be covered or on alternatives besides NBC Sports, which my cable provider does not have? I’m particularly interested in the dressage.

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Supposedly streaming online—might require early mornings though:



Awesome! Thank you!

Day 1 replay - the full 5 hours

I haven’t seen day 2 replay posted yet, but I’m hoping they’ll continue with these

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This should be a permanent link to see all new relays as they get posted for all equestrian events:

I really wish CBC showed day 2 of dressage. No idea why they didn’t when they are showing everything else. Anyone know anywhere else to watch it?

It wasn’t on English CBC for some reason, only on the Radio-Canada site with (fantastic) French commentary.


I agree. I much preferred the French commentary. Anyone know who the commentators were?

The good one was apparently Marie-Josee Delisle from Montreal. Not sure who the other one was.



Anyone know where to watch Day 2 of Dressage? Replay isn’t there on CBC

It just finished, it will probably be up later.

I think that was the Grand Prix, which is already up, but Day 2 isn’t up at all :frowning: I know CBC didn’t cover it live, thought it still might be up anyways.

yeah the Grand Prix special just finished. I didn’t realize there were 2 days of the Gp.

All of the dressage is available to re-watch on the Radio-Canada website, including the GPS.

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Breaking news! Canada’s Brittany Fraser Beaulieu will now be competing in the freestyle. So excited for her!

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Thanks all for the info!

Sports Net (channel 32 for me in southern Ontario) has show jumping individual final live NOW