Canine Intervention on Netflix

Anyone watching this show on Netflix? I’m only a show and a half in … loved the 3 legged pibble in the first episode. Not sure about the methods.

I’ve watched up until the “Heaven” episode.

I’m always interested in hearing about different methods, even if I don’t agree with some of them.

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I disagreed on some methods and tools - I would have loved to see him interact with soft dogs more since he seemed to really specialize in hard or neutral dogs and that can really change how people train (my dog would 100% shut down if he corrected the way he worked with the majority of dogs). And I wish he shut down the one guy’s glee about his bite work trained dog’s “attack mode” (the other bite work handlers seemed to respect what they are teaching their dogs to do).

However, I appreciate that his care for the dogs and the bluntness about untrained reactive or violent dogs and their future. And you do have to appreciate the responsiveness in his personal dogs.

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Yes! In the episodes I saw they were really last chance dogs. I’ve owned dogs like that and honestly whatever works to save their lives is okay with me. What is the significance of the box in training ? What does it instill?

I assume the box is his way of teaching ‘place’ and a focused training space so shaping the dog to associate the box with focus/work. Kind of an expansion of target training. I use a small bathmat for focused stays to a similar effect (much easier to transport to class). It gives the dog a concrete thing to associate with and stops other behavior “options” (fewer options, fewer chances to ‘mess up’).


Thank you for explaining. :dog2: I really appreciate it

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