Canpressco oil smell?

I recently ordered a new jug of canpressco oil and it smells much stronger than my previous jugs, I don’t think it smells rancid- although I honestly don’t think I know what rancid oil smells like. I think it’s the same smell it usually has but much more noticeable, anyone experienced this? I haven’t fed it just in case, I could notice it as soon as I pumped it out the jug. It is a long ways away from expiry date, ordered online from local tack store.

Our barn uses Smart Earth camelina oil, and I was told that there are variations in smell depending on when the seeds were harvested. There are a couple horses who will be very suspicious of their feed for a few days when a new jug is opened, if it smells different, but they soon realize it tastes the same.

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