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Can't find a mullen mouth bit

Hi. I’m looking for a plain stainless steel mullen mouth dee or full cheek bit (no port) and its proving impossible to find. It seems like a pretty basic bit to me, so I’m not sure why it’s been so difficult to find it. I have a half cheek mullen mouth that my horse likes and goes well in, but I’m afraid it’s too “non-traditional” for the hunter ring. I’ve ordered an eggbutt version, but I was hoping to get something with more “steering power” like a dee or full cheek. My horse hates loose rings and I dont want a synthetic. Does anyone know where to find these bit or know of any bit company that can custom make this bit? TIA

How about this?


Or this?


And there are more on ebay.

SillyHorse, I already ordered the eggbutt, but was hoping to get the mullen mouth with a dee ring or full cheek for the extra steering power. Thanks though

Sorry, forgot about that part. You’re correct – not easy to find.

I have an ancient loose ring mullen you can have if you pay shipping. PM me if you are interested

Check out the UK stores, they may have one

Farmergirl, unfortunately my horse hates loose rings. DMK I found it at one UK store, but they were sold out and told me they weren’t going to be stocking it again.

I couldn’t find this either when I looked about 18 months ago. Anywhere. Settled for the Happy Mouth version. Worked for my purpose.

Can he take a tiny port - more like a slight curve? https://www.bahrsaddlery.com/blue-alloy-hunter-dee-with-medium-port-blue-hunter-dee-medium-port.html

Myler also makes some - they are slightly shaped but might work https://www.bahrsaddlery.com/myler-mb32-dee-without-hooks-myler-mb32-no-hooks-ss-ci.html

We have a horse that goes in this Myler bit and he loves it. IIRC I found it years ago on ebay.

Try these. https://www.worldwidetack.com/category/horse-bits/bomber-bits/bomber-bits-bomber-bits/

Push comes to shove… you can always try wrapping it in Sealtex. I recently started doing that with my Waterford full cheek and my OTTB loves it. I also done it in the past with his Double Jointed Pelham and he really seems to like the squishiness. And you can pretty much make any single or double jointed mouth piece a mullen depending on how you wrap it.

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I have a fulmer sided Mullen mouth custom bit, made by Jay Shuttleworth. He charged $200 flat fee for water ever you wanted. Plenty of off the shelf bits cost at least that much now.

Have you looked at the Bomber bits or the Beris bits?


doesnt appear synthetic, but does have a twist…could be worth a shot!

I just asked for help with this on the British Show Jumping Association Facebook group. Will report back if I find anything.



”‹”‹”‹”‹”‹”‹”‹OK so they’re good…Found one.

The Bit Bank - Based in UK



I need a mullen mouth american gag in 5 1/2 super shoppers! Thanks