I’m looking for first hand information about Canturano. Anyone bred to or have knowledge of foals by Canturano? I am considering him for my 16.2 h, jumper mare SPS Foxy Edition. She is leggy and fairly modern type. In the HV Springpferde Program. TIA

Following - I have a dose in the tank waiting to use. My partner has ridden a few younger Canturanos and reported them to be very good minds, straightforward, but very tall and leggy- slightly late to mature. Very modern types. I would love to hear more from the holst. Experts.

Bumping this up, as I too am interested in hearing about his foals :slight_smile:

My Canturano out of Zip Phin (Phin Phin x Lux) x Balou du Rouet arrived this year in early January. He is a carbon copy of his father and many of the offspring that I have seen from Canturano- dark bay, beautiful head, very typey. He improved conformation on the mare and lengthened neck and strengthened top line. He is very, very large and will be a big boy. Pictures available on Three Wishes Farm facebook page under the name Cantalou.

We have a 7 year old who just did his CCI*. He is tall and slim with nice paces and a good jump and a very good mind.