Cardiac ablation

I’ve had Supraventricular tachycardia for decades. It has worsened in the last 6 months. Wednesday and Thursday I was in the ED to have my heart chemically converted. Wednesday the 10th I’m having a cardiac ablation to remedy this problem. I’m looking forward to not being worried about my heart!

I wonder how long before I can get back to normal activity. I think it’s more about the incision healing than the actual heart…

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My husband had an ablation just a year ago, IIRC it wasn’t very long before he could resume normal activities, I’ll ask him when he gets in and let you know. He had 3 conversions with no success and felt like a new man immediately after the ablation.

Hubby said 2 weeks of light duty with no lifting then he was good to go. He says for me to tell you good luck with the procedure, you’ll be fine :slight_smile:.

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My husband had this a week ago. He wasn’t supposed to lift over 10 lbs for a week and that was pretty much the only limitation. The nurse said just take it easy for 2-3 days since he was going back to work on Monday and he had it done on a Thursday. I think his boots weigh 10 lbs so that was going to happen on Monday so she said just be careful. You’re right about the incision more than the procedure. He bounced right back, was back to full speed by the weekend but really was himself that evening. One incision was slow to stop bleeding that first evening but that was the only thing that kept it from being smooth sailing. He had to lie on his back for 4 hours after the procedure and as long as the bleeding kept happening (like, bandaid bleeding, no gushing) but he was starving so I brought him some squeeze smoothy things I found at a local health food store. They kept him going until he was able to tilt up to eat some real food. If you have the same 4 hours I suggest a podcast or music and try to sleep through it, he was very ready to sit up again. And ponder food you might want to eat while lying flat on your back, finger foods, etc. I wasn’t going to bring him french fries to the recovery room like he asked so he got organic smoothies instead! lol He had his procedure done at 1 pm and walked out at 5 pm no problem. He’s been a total spaz ever since, feels great. Good luck with your procedure and I hope it goes as smoothly! It’s nice not to worry any more!


Ablation was successful. I asked the NP when I could ride and he said in a week. He is optimistic! I slept badly last night and still have a bit of nausea from the anesthesia. That’s typical for me. I plan on doing a lot of nothing for several days.