Carolina Playback viewing available?

Watching the Setters Run at Carolinas on H+C. Livestream is super but I would like to rewatch specific rides. Do I have to buy an additional level of membership or will these be available to watch in the near future. I find their website odd to navigate but expect that they want more $$ for playbacks. Le Sigh.

They generally post the replays the following day, likely due to time differences between the UK where H&C is based. I went through this with the Eventing Grand Prix a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks Benchmark, there were a couple of jaw dropping tests in the 4* today and I would love to see them again.

Yesterday’s replays are posted now!

Are they not doing stadium? Edit: nevermind, found it. It was oddly linked

I hope they are! It is not showing up for me.

I spoke too soon - it’s available now.

I’m so sad to not be there, and I see they changed the stadium location from previous years!

Here is a link to one of the most stunning tests yesterday, by Will Coleman and Chin Tonic if anyone wants to see.

Truly harmonious and once you have that harmony with your horse the scores reflect that. He was over 80% with one judge including a 4 for his only mistake in the test. Just beautiful.

Frustrated with the livestream playing on the website. It’s been slow, not played at all, or jumps around. Very annoying to be paying for a service- with low quality server.

Ok on another note, I am quite disappointed in the holly husdsputh as a speaker. She has been the speaker here and at the grand Prix eventing , and it’s evident that she has been out of game for while. She js Not really sure of horses/ stats/ rules/ breeding etc.

She has become one of my non fave announcers.

Loved Ian stark, Meghan, Jenny and many of the co- commentators that’s have come in. Especially Bettina Hoy


I was honestly thinking the same thing. Something else that bothered me is I am not sure if she can’t hear the announcer or what, but she was giving incorrect information from what the announcer was saying - such as the announcer saying Will was going out of order due to a shoe issue and she was saying Will just needed a break between his 2 horses…


Agree about the main commentator. The guests have been great, particularly Ian Stark and Meghan O’Donoghue.

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Frustrating that it looks like the show jumping replay hasn’t been posted yet. Has anyone found it?

Although she was a bit controversial, I always learned so much when KOC commentated. It was like auditing a clinic.


Ariel is doing a phenomenal job.


I agree. I actually loved her commentary. Plus she was always leaking secrets or other insider info on the livestreams :joy:

I also really enjoyed Kelly Hutchinson on commentary this weekend. I hadn’t heard her do it before, but she’s very insightful and I’d love to hear more.

Have to agree. Was away competing, but finally got to watch our mare who went wire to wire on a personal best dressage score to win the 2* division. Very poor commentating. Disappointing to say the least.