Carrasca Z

What a lovely stallion. Anyone breed to him? What do you think of his youngsters & what did he bring do the equation?


I know his mother, and I have seen tons of his siblings. I would breed to him with a blooded, leggy mare.

I so wish I could lay eyes upon him in person. Video is great, and I am tempted.

Why the blood? Any comments on the family overall? I was considering him for a big, leggy +17h homebred TB mare. I would take a clone of her, but prefer a smaller version.

Carrasca has just enough for the jumpers, and many of his siblings needed more. They all have great minds though, so the mare brought this. The mare is about average height, didn’t made bit ones or small ones. Carrasca Z isn’t that big, and Askari his ,G. sire needed a leggy mare.

Thank you RyTimMick! This was the information I needed to make my decision. My mare is a little light of bone, and size. She brings a great jump to the mix, but this is not likely the best match for her. I have a youngster showing great promise, so will breed back the same way. (Why try to fix what is not broke) Decision made !

My Carrasca Z baby is now 8 months old and beautiful. From what I gather, Carrasca Z has a great personality along with talent. I definitely know the personality was passed on to him, which goes a long way in my opinion. My mare is a talented jumper and I am looking forward to what the combination brings.

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I have a 2017 Carrasca Z mare so bumping this thread! Any updates or pictures on those who bred to him? Mine is out of a Roc USA mare and I’m planning on doing the hunters with her, so I’m very excited to bring her along.