Carriage Covers

Thought I would share the fall sales have netted me a couple much reduced, patio furniture, table covers! I will be using them as carriage covers. Heavy plastic, might have zipper for snug fit on tables. Elastic edges seem to help keep them down. They do shed heavy rainfall, though they get stiff in the cold. Bigger sizes really cover everything! These have long sides, come down a good distance from the top section.

With some of us starting to winterize, these work nicely for long term storage in the cold months. With my center aisle barn, prevailing west wind blowing thru, I get lots of dirt on things. Covers help a lot!

Other folks like car covers. Depending on what kind, they can be water resistant, plenty big to cover part of the carriage and wheels. They can be billowy, catch the wind and ripple. Water resistant may not mean waterproof, should they get wet for a long time.

Also helps keep the cats from sitting on the carriages much, though mine might get under the elastic and lay on the floors. Cats are not tracking dirt all over the seats. These covers in smaller sizes might also be helpful in covering small machines there is no barn room for, like an ATV. Better than hopping on a wet seat! Ha ha

Just an idea for you to think about.


of all the things I stumbled on to that was useful was a package of “walls” for a canopy tent. I picked up a set for an 8x8 pop up canopy tent to replace the old walls and then promptly replaced the 8x8 with a 10x10 to store both carriages (I only have indoor space for 1 and it was just too much of a pain to move the carriage daily so I decided a canopy tent made so much more sense). And that left me with some extra unusable walls. Turns out they make nice daily dust covers for the carriage, at 8x8 and with velcro loops on all corners they cover the carriage and secure down nicely. Not a full cover but useful,and also open enough that the mice don’t feel safe snuggled up in your upholstery (so far, anyway)


I used a grill cover for my easy entry cart. It had velcro on the sides to tighten it, so it didn’t blow away even in our crazy Colorado wind.


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For us Mini Drivers, a snowmobile or jetski cover is useful.
At a show I saw both skipole carriers & shotgun covers used on shafts.

My wood showcart lives under a sleeping bag in my garage.
{KnockWood} So far mice have stayed away from the upholstery, but did get into the spares box - that latches shut! - & shredded some of the carpeting it’s lined with.
Maybe, as @DMK suggests the sleeping bag is too open?
Upholstery also has a plastic covering loosely tied around it.

might be worth hanging a few mothball sachets around the wood cart for extra insurance!


My metal cart and wicker cart are stored inside my barn. Each one is covered first with a painters drop cloth then a twin size fitted sheet, which has a cord running through the holes I made in corner, to keep it in place. It’s let’s me monitor for mold in the summer very easily. If I had to store carts outside the furniture & table covers would be ideal.

I would recommend you use a customized cover for your cart. Installing other furniture covers will not give good looks to your cart. Plus, if you make it with good material, it will last longer and you do not need to worry about the cost because it is not really expensive.

Scored bags of mothballs from Dollar Tree (now Dollar & A Quarter Tree).
Put some in the spares box, left the rest, in the open bag, on the seat, as I worried the fabric might get stained.

For myself, dropping $300+ on a cover for my wood cart is a luxury I choose to skip.
If you knew @goodhors IRL, you would never suggest their carriages are not well protected.
As for looks, who cares when vehicles are stored at home.
Or, for that matter at a show.
At the Villa Louis Carriage Classic competitors use a variety of covers, most intended for other uses.
Nobody at this prestigious event seems to give a fig. :smirk:

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