Casanova Hunt Est.1909 Is No More


They sent a letter out last week to landowners about it. It was very sad. They were a good group of people.

The year 2020 can just end, today. So sad for all who were members.


I haven’t been back to Northern Virginia for decades. It was always such beautiful country outside of the suburbs.

The worst drivers I’ve ever encountered anywhere in the U.S. were in Northern VA. My Father, who worked in McLean, said that it was due to the international make-up of the driving public. Too many people in one place who came with different traffic laws.

My sister could not get away with that as an excuse though. Her driving exploits on the beltway and in No. Va. are legendary in our family.

So, hearing that traffic is an issue for a No.VA Hunt, I am stunned that the suburban creep has reached so far out. :frowning:

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That is very sad news. It also highlights the important role of hunts in preserving and conserving land.


Heartbreaking news. Our local hunt was forced to become drag only years ago due to the same problems, particularly traffic. I just can’t consider more people/housing/traffic worth the loss of the land and country life. :frowning:


Casanova Hunt was recognized by the Virginia House of Delegates in 2019 with a resolution that noted, “[T]he club’s ties to the land and the community have remained strong throughout its history.”

Then the Virginia House of Delegates should have resolved to do something to perpetuate the hunt and not let it become history.

Yes, but as we all know, Politicians are expert at spouting platitudes while doing nothing .

This is so sad. :no: