Castration Cost in the Netherlands

Hi everyone.

My family and I have purchased a 2 coming 3 yo stallion (now gelded) in the Netherlands. He will be flying into California where I live. The seller has received the money for the base price of the horse. I was waiting to receive finalized pricing for the following:

  • x-rays (16 views or so)
  • incredibly basic “PPE” if I would even call it that, which did not include riding or flexions (only video of trotting on soft and hard ground, cantering on soft); the horse had a clinical report done previously (not by us) and we did not produce a new one. We were given the report that was done previously, without charge, and only had them take video to show my personal vet here in California.
  • bloodwork sampled + sent to lab (for import disease check)
  • castration

I just received the breakdown of cost for just the castration surgery so far, and waiting on the other breakdowns of cost. I’m incredibly shocked at the invoice total and wanted to get some clarification, hopefully from those based in Holland, regarding the BTW 21% and BTW 9% tax rates. Total cost of castration surgery is coming out to 2148,43 euro.

I am being told the lump sum of the x rays, PPE, bloodwork is 2440,00 euro.

Attached is a screenshot of the castration cost breakdown.

Can someone help me out in letting me know if this is accurate and normal pricing regarding work in the Netherlands? It seems insanely high to me.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Comma position is very variable in European numbers. I get confused too. Sometimes the comma replaces a point thus 2.000 rather than 2,000. Phone the seller and ask.

2100,00€ is more likely 2,100.00

That seems ridiculously high for castration, to me.

I used to live in the Netherlands and the cost was usually around €200. Definitely get another quote from someone else.

I think OP knows that, LOL. It’s still outrageous.


Was the horse a cryptorchid?

This isn’t a quote, unfortunately, it’s an invoice breakdown. I talked to the seller and this is what he sent me. I emailed the clinic and am waiting to hear back.

No, not that I’m aware of.

Yes, exactly. 2,100.00 euros is still extremely high compared to what I was expecting. Not to mention the exchange rate to USD.

Did they perform castration in a clinic or where the horse is living? In Italy cost of castration at home is about 4/500 euros but it can be more expensive in a clinic. Did the horse have any problem that need to be treated in a clinic, as testicle retention for example?

There were no issues with the surgery, to my knowledge, I was told everything went smoothly. Yes, he was taken to a clinic for the surgery. I am most perplexed that the surgery cost alone (referring to the itemized line in the linked photo) is 1,870.92 euros.

I had one castrated in 2016. Stayed overnight at the clinic. I was shocked at how inexpensive it was. I think it was like $200.00 TOTAL. Plus I did an extensive PPE lasting like 6 hours and it was around $2000. Again, shocked at how low. Neck, back X-rays, extensive leg and hood x-rays, even ultra- sounded suspensories and a splint. It was crazy thorough. I had been burned before and wanted to start with as clean a slate as possible.

As for the tax rate, I think there is a different rate for goods (sedation etc) vs services. Bloodwork for export was pretty expensive for me in Germany so I think what you are expecting to pay on top of the castration for what was done is reasonable to low. And the meds and such on the invoice also look fine.

I haven’t done castration surgery but the cost for that does seem quite high. Did he stay in the clinic for a while for some reason? I’m thinking not or it would also be itemized but …

That was my thought too? Maybe there was a complication you’re not being told about?

I haven’t had one done but was quoted for 400 EUR (done at a clinic, everything included).

I’m wondering if the high costs from being done at the clinic vs at the stable, but I’d definitely check again and make sure there were no complications. Is it possible he had a different type of castration? My friend had her adult horse gelded (not in clinic) last spring in Germany and the total cost including taxes and second visit for a mild complication was just under 400euros.