Cat Food Options

I have 4 cats and offer 2 types of dry food. One is a prescription urinary food for one cat who had crystals years ago and she prefers that food though everyone munches on it. The other is currently the Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Natural Adult Dry Cat Food, Chicken & Brown Rice. It seems like every month the price keeps creeping up and up and it would be nice to be able to buy a bigger bag with how much I go through. Anyone here use the tractor supply brand chicken and brown rice food or the Costco brand? Are they comparable?

I do also sprinkle the cat platinum performance on all dry food so they’re getting the added vitamins and minerals from that. They also split a can of wet in the evening, they’re not interested in any more than that. I’d like to avoid the dry versus wet debate please.

I would personally feed anything but Blue Buffalo, but that’s me. I really hate the brand. Why not try the TSC?

I will be no help as my cats adore Wal- Mart’s brand " Special Kitty Kitten" Both dry & wet.

I’ve tried pricer brands that were supposed to be better but to be honest they didn’t like it nearly as well.

I want them to enjoy what they get to eat, so Special Kitty Kitten it is.

When I’m trying to work thru this with mine, I get on Chewy (who I order all my food from) and I start perusing options. I look at nutrition analysis and cost and make my decision that way.
Might help you to try that.

My guys love Chewys own brand, its mid price point and seems like quality ingredients

The other day I ran out before my chewy shipment came so I got them a small bag of their old brand (pro plan). When the Chewy food got their, the little brats little gnawed their way into the bag rather than eat the proplan in their dish lol