Cat harness

Does anyone have suggestions for a good cat harness? I have a Kitty Holster but that seems to be a bit cumbersome. The leash is always getting caught on the velcro. I want one that is reasonably secure on Mr. Buddha Belly (aka Oscar). The selection is a bit overwhelming so any help is appreciated.

I started a thread earlier about my night meowing cat. I cannot get him to play much. He is 15 and a lazy bum. The play before bed has helped the meowing…when he will play. New toys keep his attention for about 1 or 2 sessions, then he just lays there and watches whatever. However, I pulled out the Kitty Holster and tried going for a walk before bed. I am kind of amazed. He seems to enjoy it and for the most part comes with me. We just walk around the porch and driveway for about 5 minutes but thus far, he has been blissfully quiet at night after his walk.



I use a regular nylon harness snugged up real close. Maybe 1 thin pinky fits under neck & body.
Is your cat long haired? That makes it harder to see to get it on & snugged up right.
Like this pic-

Here’s my kitty around my place.


That one might work. I have a figure 8 one that works great for my girl. He has medium hair…hard to keep that out of the velcro too on the Kitty Holster. He truly got a Buddha belly so getting the chest part adjusted will take a little work.


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I was always told figure 8 were preferable b/c they were harder to escape than the H style, but I don’t know if that is true. The full body vest seems like it would be preferable even to the figure 8 if that was an issue. I am sure if a cat wants to wriggle out of something, they will find a way. They are cats.

So I don’t have any specific recs, just taking up space. I am glad to hear you found something for you guys to do & that it works.

We use the Come With Me Kitty, which has an adjustable front that fits rather like a saddle’s breastplate. It puts the “whoa there!” forces on the cat’s sternum and shoulders, rather around their neck. So you get less bolting/drama flops/thrashing like a hooked tuna. (Note: Not none. Just less. Because cats.)

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I was digging through all my Kitty stuff no came across a Come with Me Kitty harness. I bought it for the other one and had to let it out alllll the way but he seemed happy in that. I used that for last night’s walk. He walks a little less dorky than he does encased in the Kitty holster.
Hippolytus…no lie that cats can get out of anything…definitely a good reminder.

Thanks all.