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Cat lacking consistent appetite

I’d love thoughts on what I can recommend back to my friend. Here’s what I know:
6 year old spayed DSH
Same house since kittenhood
Flighty disposition and finicky eater
Many rounds of pristine bloodwork up through a month ago
Recent uneventful dental
GI issues with rapid food changes

She’s been slowly becoming more picky, eating less, and seeming apathetic towards food. Same level of apathy to dry and wet. Changing up foods helps with interest but then triggers her stomach. Multiple probiotics, nutrical, and food toppers have been tried without much success.

Her weight is at least 25% less than ideal and dropping. One idea thrown out by the vet was to try an IBD diet in case she’s low grade but sensitive. Those diets don’t tend to be overly palatable from my understanding so even getting her to eat it is a concern.

Open to thoughts and suggestions.

Have you tried pepcid?

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Pepcid for sure. Also mirtazepine or any other appetite stimulant.

There are a lot of different foods out there now that may tempt kitty to eat and are highly palatable. Try the Tiki Velvet mousses, Core Tiny Tasters - those are all that I can think of now. I have Miss Finicky eater/don’t feel so hot at my house and those went over quite well.

Good luck - hope kitty feels better soon.

What is her poop like? If she isn’t pooping every day, you might try 1/4 teaspoon of Miralax once a day. If you feed canned food, you put the food in her dish, add the 1/4 teaspoon of Miralax to the empty can, add warm water to the can, swish it around, pour over food in her dish. If you don’t think she’ll eat that, you can try adding the Miralax to a couple tablespoons of unsalted chicken broth.

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