Cat wheel for 20# dog?

Is this a thing? Or would it be dangerous?

I have a single sporting dog, a hair over 20# and just under 16". He’s quite the athlete and loves to run. If it were safe for him I think he might really dig an indoor cat wheel.

But I really don’t want him to hurt himself.

Many 5 star reviews on cat wheel website but not a single person says anything about a dog on one.

Company makes no mention of whether product is appropriate or not for canines.


i have no experience with one other than thinking my cat would love a wheel! but i would worry about the force a dog would put on the wheel being significantly more than it is built for. cats seem to run a lot lighter on their feet than dogs. have you looked into treadmills for him?? they have ones that are self propelling(?) but i think that might be a bigger learning curve for him

I did not now there were self propelling tread mills, thanks!

I like the self propulsion idea. He is a soft dog temperament-wise but he likes the teeter and always liked wobble boards so figured so long as he moves it, it’s fine.

I too was concerned about the sturdiness. Dogs do run heavier then cats.

Thanks for the thoughts and ideas <3

The wheel is huge, but not quite that big I think.
I have one here and my 20lb miniature poodle would have to bend his spine to run in it. Training to a human treadmill is probably easier as well as better for his size.

Thank you for that testimonial. Doesn’t sound healthy or ergonomic.

Your comment is very much appreciated.

Idk about a wheel but I think dog treadmills are illegal in some states because dog fighters use them.

He would prob enjoy biking but it seems too dangerous to me.

A friend of mine who is a vet rehabbed a dog on a treadmill similar to this, and then continued to exercise all of the dogs on it sometimes, said they enjoyed it:

A treadmill at Valley Vet Supply