Cat with Eye Issue

Ok, unfortunately didn’t notice until after the fact that the night mode on my camera was turned off & my pics are blurry. Still, anyone have any guesses what might be going on with Bonez’s eye? The eyeball itself appears to be clear. She’s not squinting or acting like it is painful, so I’m hoping it’s blood from a scratch on her nose & the eye itself isn’t involved.

Bonez is not my cat. I can get within a foot of her but still can’t touch her. She has declared herself my de facto cat. She’s a feral that splits her time between us & the farm across the road. Neighbor told me they tried to trap her to be spayed under the feral fix-n-release program. She went ballistic & hurled herself against the trap so violently that neighbor got scared she’d break her neck & let her go. Bonez took a shine to our (neutered) male wild child barn cat when we moved here. Apparently, she’s mildly reassured by the fact that male cat comes & goes as he pleases from the house & I haven’t tried to kill him yet. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It’s only taken 3 years for her to go from abject panic at the sight of a human 50’ away to peering in the kitchen window to see if I’m up & serving breakfast and rubbing her head on the patio furniture & chirping & purring. She comes so.close. to forgetting herself & running in the open door on the daily. I’m trying to do my hippie granola animal communication thing & send her images asking what happened & of us going to the vet & coming back home happy and with a goop-free eye. Send us luck and jingles & “Bonez, let the human take you to get veterinary attention for your eye” vibes, please!



I would say she got into a fight and has scratches on the nose and maybe under her eye. Can you get some Clavamox and put it in some canned food for a week? That would stave off an abscess, hopefully.


Could you set a trap for her? That doesn’t look good. I realize she went wild last time, but it’s worth a try again.

She’s kind of cute poor little thing.


Good ideas! I’ll see what I have in the medicine cabinet. She was fine when I saw her at 8am so this apparently happened within the last few hours. I’ll have to see if I can borrow a trap. I’ve caught a feral in the past by rigging up the door of a crate so I could pull it shut with a rope. Of course it would happen that I sold the giant airline dog crate I had it to a dog owner who needed it. :confounded: DMed the neighbor. Hopefully, one of us can coax her in.

@shiloh, she is really cute. She’s clearly polydactyl, even from a distance. Neighbor and I are dying to know how many toes she has. Sitting outside tonight is the closest I’ve ever managed to get to her. Counted 6, possibly 7 :exploding_head:, on her right hind.

Eta: literally just looked out & saw…

…our culprit in a fight, perhaps? This is also not my cat. I’ve never seen this cat before. Thank God for Aldi and their 39 cent a can cat food!


Oh yay just what you need…you know they have something marked on your gate that says come eat here.