Cat with sore, leaky bum

Our Siamese Yoda came in today looking a bit fluffy and a bit off-colour. When I picked him up, he yowled and fought me when I placed my hand under his rear end. He was happy to be carried in my arms, so long as I didn’t touch his anal area.

I then noticed that he’d left liquid fecal matter on my hands and arm, and that his anus had dark staining around it. Any attempts to clean him or even examine him have been met with a pain response and claws.

We have put him in a large crate with water, lactose-free milk (just a spoonful), a litter tray, and plenty of towels and pillows. He is very upset but has had a drink and gone to sleep.

No other symptoms of thrift or illness - he was bright and sparky this morning.

We will reassess him in the morning (it is 9.30pm). Our vet is closed tomorrow, of all days! So we might be able to take him to another vet in the morning. He is a terrible patient, and I can’t see him submitting to examination without sedation as he is terrified of other people.

We have no 24 hour clinic, and my vet is unlikely to open the clinic for a cat with possible diarrhea. Hit by car? Yes. Bloat? Yes. Poop? Probably not.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Our other cats are fine.

  • liquid, dark poo/anal “leakage”. Very smelly
  • pain around anal region (hand under bum or trying to clean him elicits a pain response)
  • chest/abdo fine. Happy to be cuddled.

Maybe an abscessed anal gland?

Or constipation. One of mine would be constipated and nothing would come out except fecal water.

He was miserable til the laxatives kicked in. I hope you find out what it is and your kitty feels better soon!


he may be obstipated or have an abscess with penetration +/- anal gland abscess.

I would prioritize getting him seen, anywhere

Yes sedation will be needed though a good vet might be able to palpate a fecal mass at the brim of the pelvis. If it is fecal obstipation or an abscess sedation will be needed for treatment.


I was thinking anal sac abscess as well. I would get him in ASAP if you can, even if it’s to a different vet.

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Good morning, Yoda update. Yodelling intense displeasure at being in a cage like a common cat.

No poo in tray, no fecal matter on any towels and none on him (that I can see), so I’m not convinced it is diarrhea. He looks like sitting down on his haunch is painful, so I’m thinking more impacted or abscessed anal glands - it would explain the smell and the liquid discharge. And yes! He might actually be constipated - too sore to poo!

Vet clinic (not our regular but recommended and local) opens in a few hours so will hopefully be able to take him in!

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Poor guy. That has to be miserable. I hope they can see him soon and he’s feeling better soon!

Any update?

Yes sorry! Got him into a vet, who dx’ed him with diarrhea of unknown origin. Sent home sedated, with his butt shaved, and some meds which seem to have worked.

Seems to be a heck of a lot happier, and with no further butt leaks.