Catalpa 2021

Preparations are coming along. How do I know? I spent 5 hours with the zero turn mower this weekend mowing the dressage warmup and three arenas. With the new course designer has come some new jumps and some tougher questions. Susan hopes to have all jumps decorated this coming weekend so we can shoot pictures and get up on coursewalk. I will be greeting on Friday as per usual, and already know that I have been assigned to the “Derecho jump” as jump judge. First element is the huge trunk of the magnificent old Catalpa tree taken down by the winds last August, through a small shallow pond and out over a big skinny coop. Start box for prelim and training is returned to the original spot so you get to run down that lovely alley of trees. Over 25 prelim riders this year!


So the start box was where it was in 2019 or is it over by the dressage arena?