Cavallo Trek boots - how well have these held up?

My one horse needs boots for turn out and she has torn up many boots. If I get 6 months out of a pair I am doing pretty good. I never have tread wear out - usually the boot comes apart. I especially have problems when it is wet - although the grass in her small pasture is short - boots tend to get wet and heavy. Either they stretch and don’t fit well, the elastic closures stretch or the boots get heavy and she steps on them and pulls them off. These seem to be made of a material that is not leather and seem to be lighter weight.

Has anybody tried these? The last Cavallo boots I bought - the heel portion of the boot pulled away from the bottom of the boot. They were fairly new too. So they are not my favorite boots. But these look like they may work for me.

I’ve not used them for long term turnout, maybe 2-3 weeks at a time, but I have found the Trek uppers to be more durable than the leather uppers of the Cavallo Simple Boots.

Thanks! I was pretty peeved when the leather back of the Simple boot came off the bottom of the boot and I think there was a thread here where the same thing had happened to other people too. The horse is generally out for 12 hour stretches and I take the boots off and dry them out while she is in the stall. I think something that is not leather will hold up better.

I had really good luck with Old Macs for t/o.