CBD for cats

Has anyone tried CBD for cats? Or hemp oil (apparently has less CBD in it)?

Our ex feral is a stress case - has been for 16 years no matter what we’ve tried - and I feel it’d help him. In the past when he’s been sedated for various reasons he’s been a different animal: very relaxed obviously! But more confident too.

Thoughts? Best source?

There honestly hasn’t been enough research into CBD and cats. It is impossible to say really.

You can can ask your vet about medications options such a Fluoxetine, Gabapentin, etc.

Yet it’s available for sale for cats and dogs on Amazon with good reviews, so anecdotally it seems to work. Doesn’t top research (this Cornell is studying http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/cornell-takes-lead-cannabidiol-research ) but certainly at $25 it’s easier and cheaper to try than a vet visit. Just wondering if anyone has tried it.

Cornell is studying it apparently. Just wondered if anyone has used it: at $25 from Amazon it’s a lot cheaper and easier to get than drugs from the vet.

Yeah, they just started a study but we are nowhere near any legitimate data.

Check out the CBD thread in Off Topic. I think it’s called Nano, the brand you want to use. Try it, it can’t hurt.

Since there has been barely any research with cats, it absolutely can hurt. We think of essential oils as being safe, but they can kill a cat. Until there is significant research that says it is safe and effective in cats, I wouldn’t try it.


Essential oils are a totally different thing. Of course essential oils can be toxic. However CBD oil is not. There has been quite a bit of research done. You can’t OD on CBD’s. Please do your research before post such untrue opinions.

OP check the link in the Off Topic thread. Nano had pet CBD’s.

Bumping this to see if @Xanthoria tried it and found a good brand. My vet actually suggested it for my old fella who is struggling with chronic pain. He has started to vomit more, which I suspect might be tied to his daily gaba dose :frowning:

The CBD is kind of a hail Mary band-aid. Given his previous bloodwork and his bad arthritis, I know his little body is not doing well. When he keeps the Gaba down, he is peaceful, purrs and snoozes almost all day. The vet did give him a 3 day dose of Onsior - and OMG he was his old self on it! Spry, vocal and sassy and wanting to engage with every human he saw. Unfortunately its not for long term use, but it did (in my mind) show that he is certainly living with a degree of daily pain.

Vet and I know that euthanasia is in his future, we are just trying to find ways to keep him comfortable. He uses his kitty ramps and stairs to get to the bed and couch. Mr. BatCoach adores this kitty, so having to make ‘the decision’ might be a hard talk to have with him. Mentally, this kitty is still there, but physically his body is just giving out on him.

Quite frankly, I’m leaning towards euthanasia if the gaba keeps making him vomit. Right now, its the only thing that was giving him relief, but we’ve had 5 days in a row of vomiting it up. Thus, I thought I’d try some CBD as a last ditch effort. This kitty still wants to be here - he’s a fighter, his appetite is voracious as ever, but I struggle with having an animal who is in daily pain.

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We tried it and didn’t see any difference so gave up. Sorry!

Have you tried Buprenorphine? Sammy is on it every day and prednisolone every other day. Its not a miracle worker but it does help. He had quit getting on the bed and the cat tree and now he’s back to his old spots.

He’s 17 1/2 and has bad arthritis. I know there are side effects from everything but other than the arthritis he eats good and is bright eyed.

I decided to Google and see what other options are out there now and thought the bit on NGF is interesting.

My biggest concern with CBD and the like is testing. Ensuring the product is safe without trace heavy metals or elements produced during the chemical process of converting CBD flower to various forms. If you could find a manufacturer that does third party testing, that may be a good option. In my experience, CBD can be hit or miss and often doesn’t incite the biggest response. If he responded to Onsior, does the vet think another NSAID or steroid could be beneficial? Meloxicam comes to mind which can be used long term for osteoarthritis. I give dexamethasone injections occasionally to a cat of mine with IBD and it helps her vomiting and many other alignments. Cerenia is also a very good antiemetic but I’m not sure if it can be given long term. I hope you find something that helps.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll bring them up to his vet when we talk about if we should renew the Gaba or not. He kept it down last night so that is a good sign. I might have to be more careful about giving it to him on a full stomach, that seems to help.

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Elle Vet makes an excellent CBD supplement for cats. My vet recommended it for my aging, sickly kitty.

@Warmblood1 thank you so much for the Meloxicam recommendation. This is old fella’s 2nd day on it, and so far so good! He is motoring around and chirping at the other cats left and right. He is limping less and is much more mobile, so hopefully this remains successful in the long term.

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That made my day. So glad he is doing well with it! And you are welcome!