CBD or Hemp or ? for dogs

One of my GSDs ran right under the front of my big 3/4 ton truck coming down a hillside next to the driveway and was run over by the front tires. He suffered a broken pelvis and other injries and spent about 3 weeks in intensive care. He recovered well but he’s now 7 and showing some signs of arthritis going up the stairs. Has anyone had any luck with CBD, Hemp or other homeopathic remedies for such as this? What brand.

We have labs and have had good luck with CBD oil when their hips start to act up in their later years. We get it from the local dispensary/cbd stores, they have stuff specifically for dogs.

Why not actually give him medication formulated for arthritis instead? CBD oil isn’t proven to work for many things; some people report success, others report nothing. It wouldn’t be the first thing I would try, but if I had exhausted traditional options I might consider it.


I tried my old arthritic dog on CBD 3 months ago-max dose daily, and I haven’t seen any changes at all. After this bottle is gone I won’t buy more.

My dad’s 9 y/o dog is on CBD as part of his seizure treatment (in combination with keppra and zonisimide). As a side effect, his mobility and joint stiffness has improved. He has terrible knees, lots of arthritis, “hips of a 16 y/o german shepherd” and he was on a joint supplement and pain medication. Vet took him off of it when they put him on the current cocktail of seizure meds because of fear of interactions. A month or so after going off the glucosamine/chondroitin and pain medication and onto CBD, he was markedly more mobile and playful. He is on Charlotte’s web 2x a day. He was a little sleepy for the first few months.

Have you tried Cosequin DS? It has glucosomine, chondroitin, msm and boswellia for pain.

I’ve seen a difference in my GSD w/ funky hips.

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Yes, I would start with Cosequin and it might still not be enough. I would still then move toward something that is typically prescribed for arthritis (e.g. NSAID) rather than CBD oil so that you can give your dog an appropriate dose. Just because they don’t appear in pain does not mean that they are comfortable.


I’ve had mixed results with CBD. I’ve had fantastic results with cartrophen, which is not homeopathic but has helped several arthritic dogs in my extended family. I hope you’re able to find something to help your pup.

I’ve had hit and miss results for my arthritic older dog. He didn’t respond very well to VET CBD or Rosette CBD (20:1 CBD:THC ratio).

BUT! He’s responding very well to Jade Raw CBDA (30:1 CBDA:THCA).

I think you have to experiment around a little bit to see what compound reaches which injury/pain.