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Frequent lurker, infrequent poster :slight_smile: It’s been a wee bit (as in years) since going Fei, way before modified started, and I could hunt for the info, but know that you guys are educated and insightful here. Have the qualification, but next? Get passport & horse microchipped? Passport will take the longest correct? Then renew fei membership, horse needs one too? Do I have to declare? Thanks in advance if someone gets to all these!

Yes to all besides declaring. I have had good luck with a new passport recently, shipped breed passport with paperwork to USEF last week and it’s already on the way back to me!

Yes, passport takes longest. You have a choice between national and FEI passport, national’s cheaper.
FEI Registration Memo

  1. In accordance with FEI Article 113 – Registration of Athletes and Horses, the FEI mandates the
    following are annually registered with the FEI prior to competing in a FEI competition.
     Athletes (all disciplines)
     Horses (regardless of the owner’s nationality)
     Vaulting longeurs (regardless of their nationality)
  2. To verify a FEI registration (person and/or horse) go to the FEI database to search
  3. As of January 1, 2017, any horse receiving its initial FEI registration must have the following
    identifiable documents before a FEI registration will be issued:
     An approved USEF National Passport or FEI Passport
     USEF Life Horse Recording
     FEI Horse Registration with 15-digit microchip
  4. If you do not own the horse(s) you will be competing with or if you will be competing on a
    foreign owned horse it is your responsibility to communicate with the horse owner to make
    certain that this requirement is fulfilled prior to the start of the event.
  5. If your FEI registration is not completed prior to your entry being submitted in the FEI Entry
    System you will receive an invoice for $45 per registration for any registrations that were
    renewed on your behalf.
  6. FEI horse and rider registration forms can be found on the US Equestrian website and in the
    online US Equestrian user account.
  7. For further assistance with FEI registrations or if you have questions, please contact Kristin
    Richards, located in our Kentucky office. 859-225-6989

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When you enter an FEI competition, you have to enter in two places, both with the event (event entries or xentry) and athlete services FEI portal within your Athlete Dashboard on USEF website.

Not trying to hijack the thread, but question from another FEI newbie. What is the difference between the two passports? At what level do you have to upgrade to the more expensive passport? I read the two links but I’m still a bit confused.

I believe the National works in the US and maybe Canada but for elsewhere you need the FEI?

National does not work for Canada. I went with the more expensive one with the hopes of getting to Bromont one day. I think you can upgrade at a later date if you want to though!

Good to know!

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Good to know, thank you!

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I did my first FEI this spring (2*-S at the Virginia Horse Trials). I had a passport for the horse form the previous owner, but it had expired.

I needed to transfer ownership, update his passport, and double check that I had everything else good to go since I had little clue to what I was doing. I ended up calling USEF and they were very helpful and VERY patient and walked me through the process, even with my slow rural internet. I even called back another day to check something and spoke to a different person, and she was equally nice and helpful.

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