Cell phone while riding and other safety tips

How does everyone ride with their cell phones? Do you keep it in a pocket or use something else? Also, for those that ride alone, are there any apps or anything that you use that provide any type of fall detection?

I ride with a smart watch. As long as the phone is within 30 meters I can answer calls, so I leave it at B or E in a dressage arena.

For trail riding/ cross country jumping you then have a choice of using something on your upper arm or lower leg or waist and use the smart watch to take photos or videos of scenery.

I havent looked into fall detection.

When I’m not riding in lessons I almost always wear riding tights with a cell phone pocket nowadays. Or when in need, just sticking it in either my waistband or bra can do the trick although it’s annoying and doesn’t stay.

Back before cell phone pockets were really a thing, I actually used a fanny pack quite a bit! You can buy them on amazon, I think the one I used was specifically designed for bike riding or running maybe? But it worked great, it was a less bulky one that was specifically made just for holding smartphones on your person when you don’t have pockets.

Edited to add I think this is the one i used to use, and it was waterproof so technically you were supposed to be able to like touch your screen through the clear part but… I never did that hahaha https://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Running-iPhone-Android-Samsung/dp/B074FWKPJV

As far as riding alone, I haven’t used any apps thus far but I have done the “I’m getting on now!” text, and the recipient knows that if I don’t text that I got off in the next couple of hours to start worrying lol.


I carry my phone on a pouch hanging from a belt loop, hanging on the left, easy to get on and off without it getting in the way and easy to access at any time.
Mine is old and still holding well.

Looks something like these ones:


I ride with an Apple Watch with cell service. I can make and receive calls and texts anywhere there is cell service. It has fall detection that taps you on the wrist and sounds an alarm. It can detect if you are moving and waits for you to respond. If you are immobile for over a minute, it will call 911 and give them your location. Then it will call your emergency contacts and let them know your location and that 911 has been called. It is pretty sensitive and has asked me if I am okay when I jumped down from a step, flopped down in the snow to make a snow angel and when I fell off my exercise ball, lol. I ride alone at home nearly every day, so for me the convenience of not having to carry my cell and the fall detection is well worth the initial investment and the $10/month cell service.


I use the Equilab app. I think you have to pay the subscription fee to get the “share my ride” feature that send a link of your ride to other friends using the app or in a text to other contacts. They can see when you start, your progress during, and when you finish your ride.

Thanks. I’ll check this one out…though I worry it may backfire on me when my husband is able to track how long I may spend socializing after a ride :flushed:


I use this belt clip
Encased iPhone 11 Belt Clip… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X5CR4M7?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

I only ride with a cell phone in my riding tight’s pocket if I am at the barn alone. In that case, I text my coach when I am about to get on, and when I get off. It works for us. Additionally, we are still required to book time slots (Covid-19 tracing) to ride at my barn, so my coach knows whom is expected to be at the barn and when.

I can see how the equilab app with the track my ride features would be a huge asset for those who almost exclusively ride alone. Sometimes the only opportunity to ride is when you are alone, otherwise you would never get the chance to ride at all.

I have one of those stretchy, expandable running belts I use for my phone. Or if I forget to wear the belt, it goes in my sports bra and I hope I don’t get too sweaty.

I also use the Equilab app, but I don’t pay for the subscription to get the share my ride feature. I might consider it if I was doing a lot of hacking out alone. I like the app quite a bit.

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I usually wear leggings with a pocket, and if I don’t I wear leggings, I wear an armband specifically meant for a cell phone. I will say- I had a bad fall last year, and my phone stayed in the pocket and intact.

I almost always ride alone, and I use the Road ID app to track my time and mileage, plus it shows my chosen contact exactly where I am. I can set an amount of time, and if I don’t move in the allotted amount of time, it notifies my contact.

My husband has been in meetings in China, but has been able to see exactly where I am while riding at home.


This^ 100%

Also, for summer riding, If I’m wearing tights that have no pocket, I stick my phone in my boot.

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I have my phone in an Otterbox Defender case which comes with a belt clip. During warm months, I clip it to my belt. During cold months, it goes in my vest or coat pocket.

No matter what, it is always on me. It’s not worth the risk to not carry it with me.


…how did this never occur to me??

I have 2 pair of tights with the thigh pocket. I do have a Spibelt (Lycra zipper pocket on a belt) but it is kind of tight for the current phone and hard to get the phone out in a hurry. I do like that horse holster and may look at that to have something when the phone can’t be nearby the watch.

I just ordered an Apple Watch. I did not get the cellular option as my carrier does not support it but for arena work can set my phone on the rail. I want the fall detection and Amazon had a screaming deal on it…of course I don’t get it until late next month :stuck_out_tongue:.


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I got one earlier this summer - courtesy of my dad. I had a pretty gross fall when I was at the farm solo and this was our compromise. I love it.

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I have to carry a phone at all times for work so I only buy riding pants with thigh pockets. If I’m riding a young or new horse I tell my husband when I’m getting on so he can keep an eye out for chaos.

When I’m trail riding I also carry my personal iPhone and I share my location with him while I’m gone. I do it through the Messages app. If you click on the person’s name at the top then click Info, you can choose “Share My Location.” I do the “share until end of day” option because one hour isn’t long enough and I figure if he hasn’t found me by the end of the day then I’m screwed anyway. :rofl: I’m sure it’s not entirely foolproof but it gives me some peace of mind that he might know where to look for me if I don’t come back. The trail I ride most often is right behind our house and he knows it almost as well as I do so that helps.

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I usually ride alone. After falling on my phone (in a waist pack, behind my back), and realizing I was lucky to have my neighbor nearby to help me up, I got an Apple Watch. It has fall detection. I got the Cell model so I do not have to carry my phone or keep it near. It’s $10/month on my Verizon bill, a small price to pay.


On the arena rail may not be close enough - it has to be within blutooth range.

I have a pouch that clips on my boot. Having a phone IN your boot might be near-impossible to reach if you have to take your boot off in an accident.