Centaur Blanket Sizing - Do They Run Small / Large?

My horse is in need of some new clothes this year and I was wondering how Centaur’s sizing is? Do they run small? Large? I’m specifically looking at one of their stable blankets with shoulder gussets. And are you happy with their quality?

For reference, my large bodied 16.2hh Thoroughbred fits beautifully in his 78" Pessoa turnouts. His Masta turnout and Rambo fly sheet are also 78". However, in some things such as dress sheets, Dover’s stable sheets, Schneider’s Nordlund Combo, etc. his usual 78" or even 80" look ridiculous on him, leaving a good portion of his rump sticking out in addition to dreaded the mini-skirt effect. And don’t even get me started on HorseLoverz’s McAlister brand. :lol:

Enjoy this photo of him in an 80" Integrity scrim (which I swear has never seen a dryer before)!

Also, if you have any other recommendations for stable blankets, I would really appreciate it. I would love to get my hands on more of Masta’s products but the thought of paying upward of $80 for shipping from the UK when I’m not sure of their quality these days doesn’t sound very appealing. TIA!

I find them fairly true to size, but NARROW. Great for a young TB with no chest. Not so hot for something beefier.

I find them true to size, and have used them on TBs and my tank of a WB mare with no issues. I am using the ones with the clip front closures which do offer more adjustability than a plain buckle front.

Thanks, guys! Simike, would you say that they have a decent drop? Or is that the reason they tend to be better for narrower horses in your opinion? And if it were your horse, would you go for the 78" or 80"? I wish SmartPak had them so I could just return it if it didn’t fit!

I agree that they fit best on narrow horses, but IME the drop varies a lot by model. I’ve got a Centaur stable blanket that gives a bit of a mini-skirt effect and a Centaur medium-weight that has a generous drop. Length-wise, I’ve found them to be very true to size, but drop-wise it’s been a craps shoot.

I had one of their plaid, high neck, 1200D turnout blankets for my tank of a Paint horse. Fit him beautifully, ran true to size. Drop was adequate.

I found that I had to go up one size on my tabletop backed cob to get the right drop on a Turbo regular neck turnout. He doesn’t fit the high neck blankets very well - the angles don’t match up and the blanket rides up his neck, exposing his bum. The high neck blankets seem to have a slightly longer drop though.

While they’re not the best fit for him compared to Tough-1 and Amigo (the two brands that fit him best), I do keep the midweight turnout on hand as a backup blanket for when his main winter blankie soaks through (he prefers to stand out in the rain, even when he has access to shelter)

Thanks, guys! I managed to score a discontinued Pessoa heavy weight stable blanket but I will likely need to get a medium weight one too so fingers crossed the Centaur will fit! I don’t know why Pessoa has apparently quit making stable blankets.