Centaur White Lightning/Ramm Shockline - in stock anywhere?

Starting the fencing for my third big paddock, posts are in and all that’s left is doing the coated hot wire and hanging gates. I don’t care if it’s Centaur’s brand (white lightning, though I need black) or Ramm’s, but I don’t want to wait eight-10 weeks for it. Anyone know of any that’s hanging out ready to ship? I don’t even need that much, which is extra frustrating :laughing:

You could try Cashman’s in Delaware,OH. I had some shipped from them last spring. They are closed on Sunday. How much do you need?

Just two rolls, I found some used that got a good bit of it done (yay).

I have a little bit left over from a job, but not that much. And it’s white, so not helpful. Fingers crossed Cashman’s can help you.

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They totally did, I just completed my order! Thank you so much for the recommendation, not only were they nice to deal with and in stock on what I needed, the two rolls + shipping was $8 more than what the dealer in Washington was gonna charge for the same two rolls, and I don’t have to drive 200 miles and take a ferry :slight_smile:


I’m SO glad. They are just wonderful to do business with!

Ha! I just went through this!!! I needed black too and it was so hard to find locally. Centaur is having supply issues but called RAMM and they have a lot!! I only needed the one roll for my project. Price was the same as everyone else. Shipping is what shipping is. Had it the next day and project is done!

Ramm did have a lot but their shipping was more than Centaur to me from Cashmans, so it worked out fine.

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