Cervical Spine Fusion Upcoming

Does anyone have personal experience with this?
Multilevel Discectomy and fusion. Original damage was done in a fall over 17 years ago, finally got “bad enough” that PT and injections are not helping any longer.

Wondering about supplements to take after surgery, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, collagen?

Scar cream?

Ideas on what to expect for the first couple of weeks? Months?

What exactly is a hyper active person supposed to do on this kind of house rest?

I have had two discectomy operations (lumbar spine, no fusion) so can relate to some of this.
Recovery is challenging, especially when it can seem like the rest of the world is out there enjoying themselves while you can’t. I found distractions, reading, watching things that weren’t too taxing, worked best to fill the days. I didn’t take any additional supplements, just tried to keep a healthy lifestyle. During recovery, I tried to make goals for myself, like being able to walk a certain distance, then a bit further. I have returned to riding, with some modifications.

All the best with your surgery.

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I missed this when you first posted: how are you doing now? Did you get surgery?