Chad Brown arrested…

Obstruction of breathing is t a term I’ve heard before.

“Criminal Obstruction of Breathing (for short) is charged when, “with intent to impede the normal breathing or circulation of the blood of another person, he or she:

-Applies pressure on the throat or neck of such person; or
-Blocks the nose or mouth of such person.”

reports show he choked and threw a woman down the stairs. lawyers are claiming it was self defense to a woman who broke into his apartment. Apparently the cops didnt agree.

According to the article he was charged with a misdemeanor.

When I read the article this morning I thought why would a trainer want to obstruct the breathing of one of his horses? The explanation above makes much better sense.


Same - I also immediately thought he’d gotten arrested for sponging one of his horses.

I guess we’ll learn the truth, or everyone’s version of it, sooner or later.

Not saying he’s guilty or innocent, but this was from his lawyers statement.

Updated article

I am assuming it is a love triangle issue here. psycho ex and some angry people. I did see in other reports that they knew each other.

I am reserving judgement here until all the facts come out of the who and what.

I read that the intruder had a key to the home. Sounds more like psycho ex, and Chad needed to get that key BACK!

she is also a worker on the backstretch and NYRA is not quoting her name because she is employed on the grounds. So, they know each other and while I am sure he likely choked her and threw her out of the house in the middle of the night as self defense; how was she not arrested for trespassing and assault if she showed up in his bedroom in the middle of the night at a residence she doesn’t live at.

Lots of questions and a lot of vague details.

Her having a key may have clouded that issue

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Forget getting the key back, call a locksmith and get all your locks changed.

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People are very quick to assume the woman is at fault.

I don’t have anymore more info than anyone else, but I’ve read enough from both parties’ perspectives to reserve judgement.

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Well actually, the police arrested him so clearly they are not quick to assume the woman is at fault.


Ever since OJ decided it was OK to off his wife, the rules on anything smacking of domestic abuse changed. I think that is probably a very good thing. Yet, being guilty until proven innocent might be problematic.

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More bad behavior at Saratoga;

I seem to remember this happened in the past at Saratoga, but it was a jockey or a retired jockey.

She might have been the girlfriend not an ex-one, but regardless he has no.obvious injuries, and police statement is he was choking her after pushing her down the stairs.