Does anyone use Chaffhaye? If so, why do you use it and how does your horse like it? TIA

I use it for a horse with dust issues. It took him a few days to get used to it, he did not like it at first. After a week or so he was eating it well, though. It can be hard to handle and use, and smells a bit like rotting hay.

I was paying $14.99 for a bag of it. It is important to weight, because it is much more dense than regular hay.

Overall, I like it and it works for the horse that needs it.

I know this is an older thread but wanted to chime in on Chaffhaye. I’ve used it for goats, cows and horses. Some take to it right away, others need a little encouragement. Once they start on it, what I’ve noticed is that they do very well. Right now it is about 16$ /for a 50 lb bag. THE BAG SHOULD BE ENTIRELY SEALED, MEANING NO AIR INSIDE. Check the bags before you load them. It is packed tightly in there. It stacks very well and will keep in its sealed state for 2 years, I was told. I don’t buy that much to have it 2 years later so I can’t say if this is indeed the case. They can be stacked outside in the open because they are sealed but keep them safe from rodents and sharp edges.

It should smell sweet out of the bag. Not sour or vinegary. It has a scent similar to tobacco. Once opened, it will only last about 7 days and in hot weather may start to mold before 10 days. If you don’t use it enough to finish off one bag by 7 days, I wouldn’t by it. Take out as much as your horse or cow or goat… will eat in one sitting and roll the top down or tape the top shut to keep moisture inside. White clumps are normal.

I’ve had good experiences with Chaffhaye. The animals eat the whole thing and if you are careful about feeding, there is no waste involved and it is very good for their digestive health.

I wish we had a source in Canada. Looks ideal for horses with heaves etc as no dust.