Chaka Khan and Lucky Flash

My horse’s parents are Chaka Khan and Lucky Flash. I found a little on Chaka Khan, but nothing on Lucky Flash. She is a TB, I believe. Can anybody find anything else? Would he be eligible to register in any registries? Chaka Khan was registered. My boy is 8, and they mostly test foals, but is it to late? Any info on either parent or registering would be almost as lovely as my horse!:smiley:

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Chaka Khan was owned by Joan Irvine Smith (The Oaks Farms) and she sold him via auction in 1996-7ish to Joe Montana’s (aka 69ers fame) wife. Chaka Khan was by Cor de la Byre and I think Joe’s wife showed him in the hunters. I thought he was licensed with AHHA and had a very high score, but you would have to verify with AHHA.

A video I found of Chaka Khan:


He was a lovely boy…I wish I could have afforded the $90k he sold for way back when as a kid :).

If anyone knows anything about Lucky Flash, I’d also like to know. She’s not in equineline at all. She might have gotten a different name than her registered one, or she might not have been a registered TB. There were a lot of sport horse people who bred TBs for sport back then and didn’t bother with registration.

I did just find this. My horse is chestnut as well, could it be her? She was the only mare registered with that name…


I did just find this. My horse is chestnut as well, could it be her? She was the only mare registered with that name…[/QUOTE]

I can’t imagine that would be your horse’s dam. If your boy is 8, he was born in 2007. That mare was born in 1976, so she would have been 31 when your horse was born.

Are you sure you have the parents correct? If he isn’t registered, how do you know who his parents are?

I don’t think any of the warmblood registries would issue registration papers to him, esp. the Euro-type registries since he is WAY over the age limit and there would be no way to prove parentage via DNA comparison. The only organizations I can think of that may be a possibility are AWS and PHR.

On Allbreed there is an undated Dutch Warmblood mare named Lucky Flash. The pedigree itself looks totally wrong, but if the sire lines are correct she might be a possibility. They have her as 3/4ths TB with the Italian Lucky Boy as grandsire.

You could contact KWPN-NA to see if she is a possibility.

There is also a canadian bred mare by the SF Lucky Boy II named Lucky Lady, and this mare might be her daughter.

Did you check AQHA? There are a lot of QHs with Flash in the name.
I’m not a current member of APHA or AQHA. Joe Montana also does cutting horses so maybe it was a cross?