Chaleon vs. Cunningham

I am looking to breed my mare next spring. She is registered Oldenburg, by Conquistador (holsteiner) out of a TB mare w/ bold ruler/ nasrullah/native dancer.
The mare is well put together with a nice jump. She’s a big mare 16.3 with old type warmblood look. I would like to modernize her type and improve her canter. It is important for me to keep the size, I like a 16.2h+ horse. My concern with Chaleon is that ive seen a couple of really small offspring of his. I would be breeding for me so would like an adult ammy friendly mount capable of up to 1.20 jumpers/ AO hunters and hunter derbies.
I love the C line holsteiner and would like to maximize my mare’s Corde and Caletto breeding. I am happy with a hunter or jumper but Chaleon and Cunningham both would be my dream horse. Calido 1 is actually my first choice in a Stallion but I like that Chaleon and Cunningham have fresh semen vs frozen.
So with your wise wealth of information/experience- help me dream and pick the best stallion for my mare!

Chaleon is only available frozen for 2014 last I checked.

Both stallions seem to bring different qualities to the table. I have seen lovely movers from Chaleon. Larger frame from Cunningham. But my sample is only about 5 offspring of each. I haven’t seen a poor quality jump from either.

I’m a big Cunningham fan from the get of his I’ve seen. I love their jump and quiet disposition. I’ve only seen some Chaleon get on the line (which were very nice).

I LOVE my chaleon filly, she was at WHS this year, was out of a tb mare I no longer have, wasnt the greatest mover. He improved greatly on her movement and hind end. She’s in Stevensburg if you would like to meet her, I love her disposition! The mare was 16.1 so I expect the filly to finish out around 16.1 - 16.2 based on the string test. Shes about 14.2 as a long yearling.

Thanks for the responses guys! I’m still pretty torn between the two. What I need to do next is get in touch with both owners so I can see pics/vid of offspring out of similar mares. If anyone is interested I can post a link to pics of my girl for better evaluation :slight_smile:
It’s encouraging to hear how nice both stallions’ offspring are in person… Doesn’t make this easier though!

Who did you end up breeding to? I’d love to see.