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Chandler, AZ Trainer Recommendation?

Hi all,

I am new to the Chandler, AZ area and am looking for a recommendation for a H/J trainer with a strong dressage background. I would be willing to go as far as southern Scottsdale. The program would have to have lesson horses available as I don’t have my own horse.

Thanks in advance!!! :slight_smile:

If you’re willing to go up to Scottsdale the instructor at Twin Acres has a very strong dressage background and tons of school horses (36 last I checked).

If that’s too far there are a few hunter/jumper trainers in the east valley (not as much focus on dressage though). RCR Farms, Crossroads Farm, or Soaring Dreams Ranch are all good.

Hi OP - I live in Chandler and board my horse in Scottsdale. Kit Kat’s list is a good one. If you plan to ride during the summer, be sure to ask how the trainer works during that time. I don’t know of any SE Phoenix-area H/J trainers with covered arenas. The need for one in the summer is what sent me up to Scottsdale for boarding 12 years ago ;). The place where I board does not have a trainer with lesson horses - everyone there has a horse.
Too bad you don’t have your own horse (yet) :). Check us out for the future! http://flyingfoxfarm.com/index.html

Thanks to you both!

I have no knowledge of geography in the area, but Janet Hischer spent a few weeks at our barn a few years ago while traveling up to Thunderbird, and I thought quite highly of her. I believe she’s in Scottsdale.


Becky Warner of Morning Shadows Farm is excellent…pm if you want more info …good luck !

I live near Twin Acres and would suggest staying away. I go past there almost daily while working out… It is a lot of backyard riding with an instructor sitting using a microphone. I would call it anything but quality instruction.