Changing out fenders

I have been thinking of changing the fenders on my Abetta to english stirrup straps. If I shorten the fenders, II have to pull them up high in the tree, then i can’t move my ;legs. i feel locked in and also I need stirrup turners and then the fenders are too long. My questions are did you use 1 inch or 2 inch wide straps, leather or biothane and how do you keep your legs dry when up against the horses side. Also at what point did you put the buckle, up under the flap or down toward your foot

I have 2” leathers. My buckle is on the bottom inside. I have mine covered in merino stirrup covers.

Thank you for your reply. Do you know if Action tack is still open/ they sell 2 inch leathers, but when I google them, it comes up permently closed, but the website seems active

I have never ordered from Action and never heard of them so can’t comment.


Thank you equine laundry. Somehow i missed the wide ovation leathers. I have ordered from this company before and they are great… I found out that Action Rider only has an on line store now.