Charcoal helmets?

Toying with the idea of getting a custom CO AYR8 down the road. The charcoal color (link: ) caught my fancy, but the USEF rules that govern eventing state: “Horse Trials (Beginner Novice through Modified)—protective headgear—predominantly black or dark blue” .

I don’t want to spend $$$ on a helmet I couldn’t show in, but I think it’s odd that I could show in blue (???) but not charcoal grey (or any other conservative color) especially in eventing, where we regularly make bold equestrian fashion statements

I doubt anyone is going to say a thing about a charcoal grey helmet. Many won’t even register that it’s not black. Rule wise the “predominantly” suggest that other colors are fine, but stick with dark ones.

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People may not say anything about grey - but they could because it is technically not allowed. After 12/1 Navy, black, or brown are allowed…I’d say better safe than sorry if spending a big chunk of change on a helmet

Thanks for your responses. After posting here, I realized I could probably go straight to the proverbial horse’s mouth and reach out to the USEA. FYI - this is the response I got, “I did speak with Shealagh Costello, USEF Director of Eventing regarding the helmet . An all grey helmet would not be defined as being predominantly black. To be in compliance the majority of the helmet must be black, allowing (as an example) for a grey stripe down middle.”

So no charcoal helmet for me - for now. :). I did suggest that the topic be revisited when proposing future rule changes. I mean, CO is one of the USEA’s sponsors, so make it easy/productive for all concerned, right?

FWIW the USEA rep later replied to my thank you note with her agreement that the grey helmets are “lovely” and “not at all garish” and “should be allowed” and she’d “see what could be done” regarding a future rule change. So, I guess that just saves me from spending on a new helmet for a while. :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to show in my brown helmet and brown boots!

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At least 2 competitors were wearing them at the OJK3DE yesterday! I saw them on Instagram. Grey looks really soft and pretty! Hopefully they’ll see a rule change soon, though it looks like it’s not something you’d be eliminated for :slight_smile:

There is a whole slew of turnout rules that are roundly ignored, even (perhaps especially!) at the higher levels. I’d prefer to not even think about it, though, so I also went with black in similar circumstances.

I’d rather have rules that were consistently enforced, but then I’d also happily toss a bunch of the turnout rules.

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If the charcoal color is as pictured in the link, it’s so dark as to appear black – not really “gray”. Maybe email them with a link to the color?

A few years ago when I started eventing I had a grey Ovation Protege helmet. It definitely wasn’t dark grey - it matched my Kerrits grey jacket. Both were obviously grey. I now have a taupy-brown Uvex helmet to match another show jacket. I do rated shows and have not been called out for either setup.