Charles owen gr8 & jr8

I know this question has probably been done many times but I am looking to buy a charles owen and I am deciding between the gr8 and jr8. Unfortunately where I live none of the tack stores near by carry CO helmets. I have more of an oval shaped face/head and am wondering which one will be more flattering without looking like a bubble head?:slight_smile:

I have the Ayr8. It looks/fits good and is pretty comfortable in the hot weather.

And I have the JR8 and an oval head and like it just fine. It IS hot in the summer, though.

I have both. My head is an oval. Everyday helmet is a JR 8. Show helmet, worn 2 times, is a is more of a round shape and does not fit. So I have a lovely Navy gr eight helmet in a six and seven eighths that has been worn twice. Hopefully I can sell it since it has had no damage and is new

I also have an oval head, and wear an AYR8. I wanted the GR8 for shows, but it was too round for my head when I tried it on. YMMV.

The fit is nearly the same. The Jr8 is slightly more shallow fitting than the GR8 and the AYR8. The only other difference is the harness - the JR8 is nylon and the GR8 is the fancy one. The AYR8 is the ventilated one.

Just an FYI - I bought my second (brand new) gr8 off ebay from a company in the UK for half of what I paid for my first gr8 at dover. There is no difference and I tend to forget that I got it off ebay.