Charles Owen Luna/Halo Helmets - Like? Dislike?

I’m in the market for a new helmet b/c my CO AYR8 was ordered before they had removable/washable liners, and mine has turned into a bit of a bio-hazard. Too much for a spray to handle. Plus, it’s almost 4 years old, so probably time anyways.

I really like the CO Luna in terms of price and look (The AYR8 has gone up about $200 from when I last ordered it), but I haven’t seen a lot of them out and about in the wild and I’m wondering why that might be.

I’ve tried MIPS from Tipperary, One K, and CO - none of them work.

I’m a size 7 1/4 but I have a petite face, so the straps have always been an issue / not adjustable enough on most new helmets I’ve tried on.

The Luna looks like it has an old fashioned tie system in the back to adjust the fit there (hurray!) and the differences between it and the higher end Halo look to be all cosmetic (save for MIPS).

Does anyone have either of these helmets or seen them? Thoughts?

I tried the Luna and to me, it felt like it sat on top of my head. Granted, I’m used to riding in their ProII skull cap which is a deeper fit. I tried a few different sizes, but I think the Luna was just the wrong shape for my head. No complaints, in terms of quality. It has the removable liner, which is nice.

I’d recommend ordering through SmartPak since they have free returns.

That’s exactly how I felt - I’ve tried on the Luna and Halo, as well as the Tipperary Royal and Windsor, and they all felt like they sat on top of my head. But also, I’m another who’s been riding in the Ayr8, Ayrbrush or Pro skull cap since the dawn of time, so super used to their helmets that sit low and had back coverage

Devoted AYR8 owner here - it is what has always fit me the best, but I’ve relegated my leather look ones to showing only because they are so hot in the summer. The Halo with MIPS didn’t fit me at all, but the Luna fits great and is comfortable. It definitely feels more shallow than the AYR8, but it fits and you get used to the difference. Because of the more shallow fit, I recommend trying the wider brim version if you ride in bright sunlight. I have ended up liking mine. Definitely worth a try.

I have the MIPS halo in a 7 1/4. The Charles Owen have always fit me best over the years and I was glad they finally got into MIPS. I like it and use it as my show helmet only and my trauma void as my every day.

Straps are good. Fits like the regular Charles Owen.

The one downside is that it is a bit heavy, especially coming from a samshield. I pack in my backpack and walk the course in a baseball hat. If I have it on for over an hour I get a headache.

If i was only buying one helmet I would go with the trauma void. I wear a medium in that.

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I’ve found the Luna to fit like the AYR8 if you go up a size. Actually, the same goes for the newest AYR8s as well. CO changed something and even though I have been a 6 7/8 since the dawn of time, now I’m a 7 in both Luna and the newest AYR8. The Halo doesn’t fit me well at all but I hear that they have different liners that can help the fit.

I just bought a 7 3/8 Halo with MIPS after I needed to retire my Samshield after a fall. I have been trying to find a helmet that fits my apparently odd-shaped head for a long time. This helmet fits me perfectly.

I wish that the helmet was lower profile and that CO offered the wide brim in the size I need—you can buy a “Luxe” version with a wider brim in certain sizes. However, the helmet is very comfortable (the liner is great), is supposed to be safe, and it fits (which is the most important consideration).

Thanks all! I went ahead and purchased a Luna, will let everyone know how it goes!


Does the Halo fit similarly to the Samshield? I love my Samshield.

Not quite. The Samshield seems more oval than the Halo. My Samshield only fit me when I had my hair under my helmet

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I really wanted to love it, and pre-ordered it based off a sample I was able to try on before they were available, but I couldn’t get it to fit. Felt like it was very shallow and perched on my head-- tried going up a size, down a size, regular brim, wide brim, and just couldn’t get it to fit properly.