Charles Owen ShowJumper XP

Hello! I’m looking into buying a Charles Owen ShowJumper XP. Do any of you have one of those? If so I would love to hear what you think of them and see pictures of you in them.

Also, if any of you have one for sale, I would be interested in taking a look at it!


These helmets are not really in fashion anymore. Velvet helmets for the most past are pretty outdated. These helmets in particular also look pretty large on most people’s heads.

I do know they are out of fashion in most peoples eyes, but I have to say I love the classic look!

As with any helmet, try it on and make sure it fits your head. Not every Charles Owen helmet model will fit exactly the same and there is an even wider variance among other brands.

Except for the first two pictures, I’m wearing one in all the pictures in this album… these pictures are from five years ago.

I love the velvet look! Luciana Diniz and Edwin Alexander both wear velvet helmets in 5 star competition.

You might want to consider the CO Hampton. It is a lovely, classic velvet helmet with a lower profile than the Showjumper XP.

My fave