Charles Owen Skull Caps Compaired

I am about to purchase a new CO Skull Cap. I have been riding in the same one for about 10 years, with a crash, it smells terrible and the padding is squished down, so its time for a new one.

I am not sure if I am in the ultralight or the Pro or an older version. But i remember it was in the low $100s price range when I purchased it.

Can anyone tell me the differences between the
Ultralight Euro
and the
Pro Racing Skull

what are the differences?

I don’t think they’ve been making the Ultralight for ten years, so you probably have the Pro. I’ve had both and they’re pretty similar. The harnesses are different. (Ultralight doesn’t have the laces in back). The Ultralight has vents and comes with a black helmet cover. I think the fit is slightly different but you’d have to try both to be sure.

The last time I ordered a Pro, I think they sent me the Ultralight by mistake, as it has the vent holes.

The fit and skull coverage is identical, IMO.