Cheap Durable boot?

I’m going to be starting work at a stable in about a month. I really need an affordable (meaning $50 maximum) but durable pair of boots. They need to have a hard toe, because I will be fetching horses from stalls and turning them out, and suitable for all seasons. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Under $50 you’re probably not going to find something that lasts for very long. I’ve had decent luck finding clearance men’s boots for cheap. I wear a size 9 women’s, so usually 8-8 1/2 in men’s. Unless you have really small feet, this might work for you if you’re not worried about stylish. My current pair (going on 3 years old now) is a $120 pr of Wolverines that I got at Academy Sports for about $40. I can live with Realtree camo for that kind of savings. I only wear mine in the winter or when it’s really wet out- otherwise it’s sneakers or Crocs for me. I think TSC is very high priced on boots. Sometimes Sears and Bass Pro actually have decent prices on boots.

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I wouldn’t wear steel toes. If you are handling horses properly, your toes don’t get stepped on, and even if a shod horse steps on you on concrete, it’s not going to hurt nearly as much as if a steel toe collapses and cuts your foot.


unless you are handling Clydesdales, steel toe is overkill, any sturdy leather boot or shoe will do.
Don’t save on the boots, you will need some comfortable ones, you can wear all day, or you will regret it!
and cheap is usually just that: Cheap and poor quality!
Spend as much as you can afford on the boots and insoles. And socks

(and if a steel toe collapses and hurts your foot, without it, you would have lost the foot already! Just don’t shoot yourself in the foot, they are not made for that!)

Try Ebay. I have always had luck finding cheaply priced but good quality (used + new) work boots/riding boots on there. I recently bought a pair of used Dehners for $70. Lightly used but already broken in – fit great! It’s a PIA to sift through all the listings but worth the trouble if you want to find a bargain.

There are a lot of times in life that “cheap” doesn’t cut it and shoes/boots for work are one of those times. It’s important that they fit you well and are designed to be comfortable for long periods of time. Never skimp on footwear that will need to endure. Bad shoes/boots will not only cause sore feet and shut you down really quickly, they can also cause knee, hip and back issues.

I got stepped on for the first (and hopefully only) time last week, my horse was coming out of sedation. Walking her to her pasture was like walking an 800 pound drunk friend home. She was trying to walk a straight line, but it wasn’t happening!

I had on cheapie Target boots that are like 7 years old and literally falling apart. She stepped on my outer 2 or 3 toes and I am fine, not even a bruise. But she does step lightly, even in her inebriated state apparently.