Cheap show helmet?

I’m looking for a cheap show helmet for the summertime:) I do hunters/eq on the flat and over fences. They’re not big shows so I’m not concerned on having a really nice helmet.

I was looking at the trowel low profile capriole because it looks well ventilated and has that dual adjust thing that I love:)

Does anyone own one? Is it comfortable? Does it look “clunky” like some of the other troxels? If anyone has pictures of a person wearing one that would be greatly appreciated:)

Or if anyone has suggestions for a cheap velvet show helmet please say!


I haven’t seen the Troxels (I’m assuming that’s what you meant), but I have an Ovation Schooler that I absolutely love. I got one for my daughter a while back and decided that I liked hers so much that I wanted one too. I love the dial-fit (I can change it based on ponytail out versus up) and I think the cheaper helmets have come a lo-ong way in the last few years. I have many other helmets, and typically show in my Samshield (which I also love), but my Ovation is so lightweight and cool and easy to drag around, that I’ve found myself using it at home almost exclusively. I’ve also worn it at shows several times, and every time I get compliments on it. The downside from your OP is that it’s not velvet (I don’t think they have that option), but you see a lot of non-velvet hats in all of the rings these days and I wouldn’t hesitate to wear mine into the hunter ring. Oh I suppose I do send one into the hunter ring on my daughter, and I think she looks great! :slight_smile:

I have the ovation and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it haha!! But I’m specifically looking for velvet:) I could show in my ovation but it’s pretty banged up lol:D

Ovation does make a velvet(ish) version!

I also have their schooling helmet, which I love. I was inspired by PNW’s show version and bought one myself as well. It looks really sharp and the brim doesn’t pop off like in the schooler. This is my show helmet:

It looks decent in the schooling show ring…

If your helmet is pretty banged up you should take this opportunity to replace it with a nice shiny new one. :smiley: Almost anything that’s going to give your helmet a battered appearance is going to compromise its safety.

I would recommend just getting another Ovation schooler for the show ring - I like it better than most other inexpensive helmets.

If you really like velvet the Troxel is perfectly acceptable.