Cheapest place to buy ulcergard

I’m sure this is probably out there somewhere in the forum but I didn’t have any luck when I searched. Where can I find the best deal on ulcergard? The vet said I need to buy a month’s worth for my gelding. Thanks in advance!

You will get better response if you post your question in the Horse Care forum

Buy Gastrogard - the same thing - on Ebay

Try They had the best deal when I was looking a couple of months ago.

Try going through Merial. They frequently offer pretty decent rebates when you’re buying a bunch.

Entirelypets. I think I purchased a pack of 6 for $150, give or take a dollar. They always have coupon codes available (just google it and you’ll find one), usually for 15%.

This - Ulcergard is almost always cheaper on

Definitely Entirely Pets, plus they always have discount coupons and fee shipping. Plus if you check Merial I got a rebate coupon for $2 per tube … You just need your vets prescription and then the UPC codes from the box.

I am surprised there isn’t a generic version! The patent expired in April.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had a terrible experience trying to buy UG/GG through They did not meet the shipping window promised on their site, sent me erroneous “tracking info” and were really unhelpful when I called to find out where my order was. They blamed everything on the postal service, and said there was nothing I could do but wait for it to show up. Given the cost of the order - a couple hundred bucks - I found that irritating. I won’t buy from them again.

I’ve had no trouble with EntirelyPets when I have ordered from them in the past, and they always have the best price for UG.

I was really hesitant to order from them because I read a few reviews that listed your exact complaints. I actually posted a thread over Horse Care about it because I was nervous and most responses I got were positive. I had no issues with shipping or getting the right tracking information, even though I was prepared to have issues. I do need to order another supply from them and, to me, the cost savings are good enough that I would continue to order from them even if the shipping estimates are off. Then again, I’m in a position where I’m able to wait for the UG; if I needed it at a certain time, every time, I don’t know if I would order from them.

I get mine though Valley Vet they seem to have the best prices that I could find online (the more you buy the cost goes down per tube). And fairly quick free shipping. Also when you buy UlcerGuard though a retailer there is a $2 per tube rebate offer through Merial.

Valley Vet has the best price. $27/tube in bulk right now.

I was really hoping the price would go down after the patent expired in April. Anyone know how the generic product market works? Thanks!!

Entirely Pets or Valley Vet

I will be using Valley Vet from now on. I should have ordered from them in the first place!

I couldn’t believe how rude the entirelypets “customer service” person was on the phone. He wasn’t the least bit apologetic about the situation; in fact, I would say he was nasty. Even if they had the best price - which is not the case, as currently Valley Vet is $20 cheaper for the 6 pack - I would not buy from them again. , their 2.28g omeprazole is $7.95 , I have used it on my tbrd as prevention before shows and last November for 30 days when he ulcered . It worked as well as Ulcerguard and or gastroguard worked on him the year before at 1/3 of the price.

I’ve gotten the stuff from Horseprerace and it didn’t seem to work as well consistently. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. I pretty much only use UG when my horse has to be on bute or if we’re at a horse show, and the last show I used the HPR version and he got ulcery. Went to the nearest Farm and Fleet and picked up the brand name stuff and the next day he was feeling better. So I don’t know if I trust the HRP version to always be up to par.

Someone posted this website last month. I only wanted 2 tubes, so thought I’d give it a try. Package arrived in 3 days (on the opposite coast from the company) with free shipping. $27.50 per tube: