Cheers to Windfall and Cheryl Holekamp!

Just wanted to share this wonderful story for those who have not had a chance to read it on the American Trakehner Association social media or on EN. Such an accomplishment made especially special.


I saw that posted on ENs facebook. I loved every second of that.

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So awesome!!

That is the most wonderful thing I have seen in a long time! He looks incredible! :champagne:

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Is this the same black stallion Windfall who was doing dressage with Charlotte (surname forgotten) at Del Mar years ago? How old is this guy?

No it is a different Windfall. That one was a dressage stallion by Weltmeyer I believe and owned/ ridden by Charlotte Bredahl. This one is a Tk stallion that was an eventer ridden by Ingrid Klimke and Darren Chia???( can’t remember how to spell it).

I saw the video on FB. They both looked FABULOUS!


This Windfall is 30.

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Thank y’all.

Still a lovely mover. Congratulations to both of them.


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