Chestnut Holsteiner gelding, prob. without papers, last known in Maryland-ish area

Hi all,

I’m seeking a chestnut Holsteiner gelding. He’s branded with the North American Holsteiner brand. His name is Charizma, was born in 1999, and is by Cicero, but his current owner probably doesn’t have that information (I don’t think his papers were passed on).

He has a blaze/stripe, and white on three legs (I think).

I owned him circa 2003-4 and sold him. This is the last info I have on him:

He was sold at the special sale that RSD Horse Auctions has at Eyler Stables in Thurmont, MD, in April (year unknown, but probably around 2008). He was then bought by a local dealer named Radie Evans, who I found out passed away in 2009. Then the trail runs cold.

Any information would be welcome. I might soon be in a position to buy him back, but I would appreciate knowing where he is just for peace of mind.