Chicken folks

Advice please.

I acquired 3 chicks this weekend, supposedly vaccinated. One is not thriving. It’s not pasty-butt, but frankly, I can’t tell what it might be. The poor thing is listless, sleepy, and just lays there (it was up and walking when we first got it).

I only have one heat lamp, so my dilemma is, should I just off the poor thing, so the other two will not catch it? Or is it likely to have something that isn’t transmissable? I’ve got it separated in a plastic box within the heatlamp area right now, but the other chicks can (and do) jump in and out of that box. The sides aren’t high enough.

How many folks have had a sick chick that wound up making it?

Tricky one. Failure to thrive is fairly common, there isn’t much you can do other than supportive care. It probably isn’t anything transmissible, if it was the others would probably already have it anyway.

You can try electrolytes or vitamins (poly-visol without iron can work in a pinch). Is it eating and drinking on its own?

Not noticeably. I think she’s given up. My efforts to separate them has led to some jumping about by the other two, but she cannot summon any excitement. I tried yogurt in the feed, but she hasn’t touched it.

That’s too bad. I’ve tube fed adult chickens to get them over the hump, but I’ve never tube fed a chick. Would make me nervous since they’re so tiny.

Are they on medicated chick feed? If not you could try treating with Corid/amprolium for coccidiosis, it doesn’t always show up as bloody stool.

Yeah, medicated feed. It’s too bad, isn’t it? I only just bought the minimum # and now I’ll need to find another couple so they can all acclimate together.

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I’d treat with corrid asap. Medicated feed isn’t enough for an active coccidiosis, and it’s entirely possible, even in a probably vaccinated and on medicated feed chick.

Good luck! Hope your bitty bird pulls through :heart:

Probably won’t make it, sorry to say. The farm stores are getting their chicks in-- not possible to just buy one if that’s all you want? Regardless, for $10 just get a 2nd clamp light and spare heat bulb so you have a spare whenever needed.

Return it to the store.
They usually notify the hatchery or keep track in case there is an outbreak happening.

No, don’t bring a dead chick to the store. They’re not going to do an autopsy. :laughing:
Just call them and tell them. Around here, you have to sign a form when you buy chicks, precisely for tracking avian diseases. They’ll know what batch your chick was from.

I’ve let the source know. A bunch of 4Hers. I sincerely hope they aren’t having more trouble with other chicks. Tenby checked out and has gone into the trash bin, so now Phalanges and Fafnir have more room in the box. (Can you tell I have grandchildren?)

Awww, I’m sorry Tenby died. :frowning:

Another possibility here is mushy chick disease:

Nothing you could have done if that’s what was wrong.