Chicken: I have questions

There’s always been chickens at my very urban barn. Once in a while a hapless chicken owner dumps a heritage breed rooster outside the gate, thinking it will fit in and stop annoying their neighbors. One such poor fellow got picked off by a coyote. I’m hoping this new guy survives longer. Never heard him crow, though. So, anyone know what breed he is? And are you sure he’s a rooster?

Not a rooster. Looks like a mixed breed.


That’s definitely a boy. Look at the pointy saddle feathers.

Maybe an Easter egger (which is just a cross of other breeds, bred for egg color)? They can look like this.


I vote rooster and back yard mix.

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Curious what this means. I don’t know anything about roosters. Which are the saddle feathers? (None look particularly pointy to me but I also have never looked at chicken feathers.)


I also vote for barnyard mix and rooster, a young one.

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This was so helpful, Simkie!

My friend was able to pick him up yesterday and check his weight. His breastbone is really prominent so between the two of us, we’re trying to give him extra helpings of feed. He’s very friendly.

Definitely a young rooster, and probably a backyard mix. Could possibly be an AmberLink male though, they tend to be white with red leakage.

I’m surprised someone would dump any chicken nowadays, the demand is so high people are even paying money for roosters now.

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It’s very urban/high density around here. If you have roosters in your backyard, people are going to complain.

I really hope he sticks around and manages to evade the coyotes.

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UPDATE: He finally has a girlfriend! He doesn’t mind being fattened up, either.