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Child in my pasture- WWYD?

The last few days my horses have come in warm and a little sweaty from the pasture. I figured that it was just due to the weather (We’re finally getting some sun :wink: ) Today I had an unexpected day off work and got to see what was going on.

I heard them running at about 9 this morning, and went over the the pasture to have a look. It’s on the side of my farm, and has electric fencing plus a decent sized hedge. There was a child in my pasture, waving a big stick at my horses and making them run. Needless to say, I told her off, escorted her from my land and told her not to come back. She called me a few not so nice names, and said ‘They like me. They won’t hurt me.’ Uh, yeah, right.

I went out twenty mins ago to bring Rue in, and she’s there again, though this time she was just wandering about. Again, told her off, and escorted her from the farm. I have a sneaky feeling that she’ll be back. I’m scared stiff that she’s going to get kicked or hurt one of the horses. I think she’s about 11/12. Any ideas? I’ve no idea who she is or I’d phone her family and tell them what she’s up to.

Call the police IMMEDIATELY. The fact that you found her in the field the first time doesn’t worry me nearly so much as that she called YOU names and came back. I’d bet dollars to donuts with a kid like that that the parents won’t do much anyway…call the police, be vigilant. If your horses get hurt, it’ll be too bad so sad because you’ll have a devil of a time proving anything…if the kid gets hurt, she might own your farm :no: Sad state of our society, isn’t it?

And next time she tells you “They won’t hurt me”, tell her Yeah, but I will :yes: Little brat…


call the police get the trespass on record

and post no trespassing
ask for some extra patrols

save your ass first and try to save hers too

Thanks. I already have signs up (Actully, the owner before me put them up, but they’re still in good condition, and easy to read.) I thought it would come to phoning the police. The sad thing is, if she’d come and asked me, I would have showed her the horses. :no:

I am not sure how the laws work in the UK

but in the US this is a disaster about to happen.
in either case a history of trying to prevent such a disaster will be a + on your side.

I don’t think it would end well over here either. :frowning: I’ve put a phone call into the police, and they were fairly helpful.

Do you think I should move the horses? I like them in that pasture when it’s sunny because there’s a lot of shade.

Be vigilant, definitely! I had a pretty evil 12 year old student (former student, now!); they are capable of things you wouldn’t even think about. Good luck, hope the police can keep her away from you.:mad:

Although it is fine to tell the child to leave you should not go beyond that without speaking to her parents first. Do not make negative assumptions about the parents prior to meeting them. You might end up with a horse loving working student.

Uh, except for the name calling and otherwise blatant disobedience.

If you see her again, try to find out who she is, then tell her you have notified the police …and that it for her own good.

If she is belligerent again resort to Southernisms as you escort her out.

Did the police have any advice on if you need to do anything else to protect yourself?

If you have a good insurance agent, call them with some ‘hypothetical’ questions. They should be able to help you without noting anything for the record unless it is appropriate.

asanders and kookikat- Those methods of rushing to judgement, and lack of compassion toward one’s neighbors, especialy children, remind me of the attitudes which inspired the Revolutionary, and Civil wars. The British lost one, the South lost the other. Always be nice first!

I know this isn’t the same situation but sometimes it’s better to catch … with honey rather than vinegar. Years ago, I was a lifeguard at a pool that wasn’t in the nicest part of town. On my first day, I figured out who the ‘trouble makers’ were (young pre and teen boys). I walked right over to them and said’ I need your help, I’ve heard that there are some kids that want to make trouble and can you help me make sure nothing happens?’. I gave them each a whistle and I had the most peaceful summer ever.
Maybe, you can ask the kid if she wants to learn about horses the correct way and then you’ll have a possible student or better yet, a stable hand that you’ve cultivated. Obviously, the kid is lacking in something if chasing your horses is her only outlet. Just a thought.

As someone who is a parent, I would highly recommend finding the kids parents. If you catch her again, can you have her walk you home so you can meet whoever is responsible for her? And get a name and address. They need to know what is going on. Whether they are responsible or not and help resolve the issues is a different story.

As a former large farm (attractive nuisance) owner, here’s my story: we found the local teens using one of our ridge lines for snowboarding. We went to the parents house and explained the our property was off limits. The parents blew us off. We called the police and had the police stop by and explain to the parents that our property is off limits. The kids didn’t come back.

I agree with posters who say that you can catch more flies with honey - however, if honey doesn’t work, I say bring in the heavy artillery. Quickly. You want to get the message across QUICK that you will not stand for this sort of encroachment. :yes:

Don’t waste your sympathy for the kid - just get rid of her and protect your horses from injury. The Animals Act has a handy provision that protects you;

5 Exceptions from liability under sections 2 to 4

(1)A person is not liable under sections 2 to 4 of this Act for any damage which is due wholly to the fault of the person suffering it.
(2)A person is not liable under section 2 of this Act for any damage suffered by a person who has voluntarily accepted the risk thereof.
(3)A person is not liable under section 2 of this Act for any damage caused by an animal kept on any premises or structure to a person trespassing there, if it is proved either—
(a)that the animal was not kept there for the protection of persons or property; or
(b)(if the animal was kept there for the protection of persons or property) that keeping it there for that purpose was not unreasonable.

After talking with the police and making a report, so your behind is covered if the kid gets hurt or lets the horses out and someone else is hurt, try this:

Carry a camera with you and document the kid in there.
Then post the pictures in the local papers, asking the parents to please keep the kid safely confined, since it doesn’t know to stay out of harm’s way.:wink:

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Wow, this kid is a liability. Definitely document these events, take note of any damage she may do to your property (has she cut the fence to get into your pasture?), and take photos of her running around your pasture with the stick in hand if you catch her out there again… video would be better if you can get her potty mouth on tape too. The more evidence you have to back up your case the better off you are.

If you had it to do over again, I would recommend just talking with her. She obviously has an interest in them and may not have realized that she was harming them…plus, you could have found out where she lived. Not to say that she wouldn’t have been rude still, but it’s worth thinking about.

On the other hand, I would have likely run out there yelling too! :lol:

I guess “SSS” Isn’t a valid option, like with dogs harassing livestock?


I don’t know, guys… it’s sweet that so many of you want to defend the kid, but I think any even slightly rational human being over the age of 8 or so understands that waving a stick and having animals run away from said stick is not the way to “make friends.” We’re not talking a kid running around with a bag of carrots, here.

If it were me, I would contact the police immediately. If the kid wants to make friends, come over and apologize, or whatever, then fine. But you don’t need to be a human rehabilitator or baby sitter unless you want to be.

:lol::lol: That is just soooooo wrong!

my “projecting” voice sounds akin to being posessed by big hairy demons, so my first step would be to yell at her “what are you doing?! git over here!” I would then (still keeping myself big and boogidy) escort her by the arm to wherever she lives (she gets to tell me where) with my other hand i’d call the police and let her hear the whole conversation. Give the police the address of the girl’s home and mine, and have them come and serve her for trespassing with her parents present.
No more ms. nice lady after she mouthed off to you. you need to be scary