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Choosing a helmet

Hi everyone, I need your opinion. I need a new helmet (my current Troxel does NOT fit me at all) and was trying to decide between Charles Owen and GPA Speed Air. I tried on a friend’s CO JR8, which fit really well, but I’ve heard that the GPA Speed Air has much better ventilation than CO. Opinions between the two? If the JR8 fit, does this mean that my head is more round or oval shape? Not factoring in price, since I have the opportunity to get either helmet at a fairly reasonable price. Thoughts?

How do you have the opportunity to get a speed air at a reasonable price? I hope your not buying it used…

I went from a charles owen to a samshield so I can’t comment on the ventilation of the speed air but I don’t think its that great though I’m sure its probably better than CO. The two helmets (well every brand of helmet really) will fit very differently. I’ve noticed the speed air and first lady run quite a bit smaller than samshield but I do believe CO runs true to size. Either way I’d definitely suggest trying on both types so you know which will fit better. I’d also suggest getting your head measured. You probably think you’ll need a bigger helmet than you actually do. Remember the helmet will stretch and if you get even one size too big you’ll end up with a helmet that can’t properly do its job

I have a speed air, a kep and a shamshield. All fit my head really well. I have never been able to have a CO fit me properly even working with the CO rep. (She then fitted me to a speed air)
I have a round shape head.

A thought: since nearly anything goes in the world of helmets these days (anything that fits), might you consider the CO Ayr8 (sueded, covered vents) or Ayrbrush (matte, open vents)? If the CO fits well, you night prefer these two over the JR8 for their ventilation.

Back in the day (think, a decade ago) I felt that GPA fit my oval head best and CO didn’t at all. These days, I’d concur with Horton; I feel as though GPA works better for the round headed among us and CO for the ovals. GPA’s don’t seem to work for me anymore like they once did. I’ve also been very happy with the fit on OneK’s for me.

IMHO, if the CO fits you well, the GPA won’t. I have a JR8 and an AYR8 (as well as an Uvex, a Tipperary Sportage, and a OneK). My head is average oval - not long oval.

I can’t wear a Troxel, IRH regular, or a GPA (except for the original Textium many years ago) as both are too round.

I went from Troxel to a CO JR8 and IRH. The IRH has better ventilation than the Troxel and the CO is a really nice clean look for shows.

Everyone is different. I had a CO GR8 and loved it. My head doesn’t sweat that much though. Then I got a Speed Air. Loved it! They both fit great, and if I recall correctly I have the same size in both. It’s all personal preference, and if you do hunters/jumpers/eq, all or just two.

My head is relatively small and round, if that helps. For example, the only helmet I’ve ever had that did NOT fit properly and was a poor choice was the GPA with the 4 vents (Titanium Pro?).

Hope that helps!