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Choosing a hoof boot for emergencies

If you had just one hoof boot on hand for emergencies (protecting hoof when a shoe is lost, or for applying medication to a foot), which would you choose? And is it possible to get a good measurement for a hoof boot with shoes on?

My horse is shod on all fours and I’d like to keep a boot around in case of injury, etc. Once this year he cast a hind shoe, and later had a puncture wound in a front that had to be poulticed and wrapped. I did learn how to wrap a hoof like a pro, but I think the boot would have been easier.

I don’t intent to do much riding in the boot - just medicating/protecting if needed.

I have Cavallo Sports in my trunk at all times. Great for emergencies, abscesses, holding packing, and even riding and turnout.

I measured my horse when the farrier came, after he pulled his front shoes. There’s a printable measuring guide on their web site.

I can only speak to the Easy Boot Rx, and love it. You simply order the size you need - if the horse is shod, you measure the shod foot. You might want to measure the “needs trimming” foot, because if you measure the freshly trimmed foot and you end up needing to protect the 6 week foot, it might not fit. You can likely add an additional or thicker pad if you need to protect a more recently trimmed foot.

Different boots are designed for different types of hooves. For example, the Cavallo Sports are for a more oval/oblong hoof, while the Simples are for a rounder hoof. Renegades are designed for a horse with a short toe and low heel. So, make sure you measure carefully and take note of your horses’s hoof shape/type. You can also call many of the companies and get their advice on measuring/sizing and which of their boots is most appropriate for your horse.

I have an Easy Boot RX. It is a looser fit boot so exact size fit isn’t necessary. It wraps up and around the pastern and you can turn out with it on. Good for injuries, and lot shoes. If it will fit a front foot it will go on a hind foot.