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Choosing clinic for icsi

Have a donor performance mare. Buyer’s desire is for 2 '25 foals (diff. studs). I choose the clinic & of course am wanting the best options. Those of you who have actual experience, would love to hear your opinions, recommendations. I have notifications enabled so you can PM me if you prefer. Please no negative public posts calling out vets or clinics. tia

Well could you narrow down your location a little bit? United States? East coast?

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Sure !! Southeast USA but I am willing to travel for the right one. Rood is already on the list. Sorry for delay in reply. Prefer to avoid driving out west (CSU) bc of winter weather.

Any of these would be good. The one in Maryland got me an ET foal on one dose of frozen.

Was just looking at that site yesterday ! Gleaned a lot of info & really helpful !! Literally used that info. to rule out one clinic. Need to add: Had great luck w/Peterson Smith Ocala with another mare & of course they are on the short list, but I am always looking to learn more !!

An out of the box suggestion is Avalon Equine. I don’t know that they would be worth the trip normally but if you run into problems they can definitely give you a bang for your buck.

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Can I ask why Avalon specifically? I am actually less than an hour from them but we have numerous equine repro farms that do very high volume and have excellent reputations in the area. However, I have one show mare that is proving very difficult with et and am looking at other facilities currently for her. Thank you!

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Well Grove in FL would be worth looking at.

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Kathy and Jos are incredibly knowledgeable and very cost effective. You won’t find a better bang for your Buck anywhere


You know, I was thinking ET when I mentioned Avalon Equine, I don’t think they do ICSI but they may. I know they do ET and are great with problem mares though.

Thank you. I’ll reach out to them then. I’m looking for et so that is perfect for me. Dang problem mare. But man the foal I have out of her has made it so worth it so far. Would take more just like her in a heart beat.

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